The evergreen war of cultures..!

The evergreen war of cultures..!

“If you take away my culture, you take away my identity”- a line that remains evergreen in this dynamic world. As the time moves the cultures evolve. Some flourishing peacefully, some dying peacefully and some being murdered.

What the world witness today is the ongoing clash between the ancient cultures and the NWO propogated culture. Where the ancient cultures have their thousand years of history to motivate them to keep following their culture. The NWO has it’s organizations like UN, PETA , Human right commision, MSM(main stream media) and it’s puppets in the government and judiciary to demotivate people from following their culture.



-Ajit Vadakayil

A man always looks for his identity and the culture he inherits keeps him grounded to his society. It gives him a place, a role, a purpose and a sense of belonging.

The greatest stimuli to change is the physical and social environment. As the environment changes culture evolves. This change comes from with in and is beneficial for the people of the that culture.  The endogenous change it brings makes the culture to flourish.

But when the stimuli is not environment but another culture, the demise of one is evident. It’s the responsibility of the people to use their rational mind keeping in view not just the facts but even the values to understand their culture. The threat to one’s culture must be identified and dealt with boldly. Do not let the NWO mouthpieces demoralize you by showcasing your culture as inferior and it’s own as superior.

“A man without culture is a man without identity”

Meditation am Feuerhimmel

Stay blessed, stay happy

When U go Global by stepping on UR Culture..!


To the minds of the elites diversity is a threat to the unity, whereas to the minds of the poor, diversity is the existence of life.

The world is full of cultural diversity. Cultures have evolved with the passing of time not of one or two generations but of thousands of generations. They are not modern day religion filling itself with evils in the name of fighting ones. They have ultimately stood the test of time giving us our unique personal identity.

The Africans have their ancient culture, the red indians have their ancient culture and the Indians have their ancient culture. The unity can be achieved among them amidst their cultural diversity. But the elites won’t let you think that way.

To become a global citizen as pushed by the New World Order, one must be unencumbered by the baggage of his/her markers of personal identity. As per what I see the term Global Citizen  propagates is the neutralization of you and me to become the perfect slaves of the elites.

The only thing that hinders the objective of the New World Order is our “Culture“. Once we step on it to become Global we lose our true identity. When we start following the ideals of the so called world organizations we become nothing but cogs in the machines run by the elites.

The manipulations of the New world order is so effective that the more you advance in the faulty education system the more closer you get to becoming a global citizen.

Think about it, Why do you see culture in the light of backwardness? Who put this thought in your head that sticking to your ancient culture means being a tribal, a nomad? Who brainwashed you into believing that culture that runs in your body is a poison and the ideals of global citizenship transcending the cultural identity is the medicine? Who made you believe that to come up with a rational decision one must cut off from the influence of culture?

Harmony can coexist with diversity. Take the example of India. Every community from the ancient times have lived in peace and flourished their culture. One must unlearn to understand that Unity comes with the morals of tolerance, peace and harmony. Our ancient cultures have taught us well to coexist peacefully with the nature/universe. They have taught us to be connected to our conscience.

Rejecting the new world order I would say that our cultures makes us more tolerant and peaceful. They instead of making us irrational makes us sensible. For me cultural diversity is a gift which can easily bring unity if we don’t try to become global.

But The elites have propagated through their mouthpieces sitting at influential positions to spread this fear among all, that cultural diversity is a threat to the unity . And since it has hired influential perception molders, we all are under a constant attack.

Some finally gives up by going global and some like me still fighting in the dark trying to plug you out of the matrix.








When the magick got me…!

When the magick got me…!

What makes your day memorable is when you do what you love. After two days of rain, the sun showed up. The moment I saw the sun shining brightly in the clear blue sky, I ran up to the terrace when the magick got me.

Finally after an year, I picked up my camera and captured the beauty of nature forever.



Yellow- the color of winter


That spikes are real :p


A fruit that served its purpose 🙂


Heading with a purpose


A tree laden with fruits always bends low


Have a warm winters

Hope you enjoyed the pics.


Stay blessed, stay happy 🙂

Starting afresh…!

Starting afresh…!

Today is the first day of 2017 and I am spending my morning at home in the lap of nature. The sun is shining brightly bathing me in its warm, golden rays. The leaves are dancing on the tune of cool breeze. The squirrels along with birds have gathered to eat their 2017 first morning breakfast. The moment is perfect for my fertile mind to turn on the laptop and start writing a blog.


In 2016 I had many topics to write on but never had that flow which would make my fingers start typing. But 2017 has started afresh with a great note.

For me a new day starts with the rising sun. The early morning warm golden rays of the sun has it’s own magic to which I am drawn to. For the Indians, sun is not just a body emitting heat and light in the solar system. For us, sun is “Surya Deva”. Everything in universe is living for an Indian mind. There is no non living thing. This is what the mordern quantum theory echoes.Meditation am Feuerhimmel

From my childhood till today and even in future I have loved facing the sun. Even right now I love how the warm sun rays are falling on my face.  It creates a magical moment for me which inspires me to communicate with nature.

Like a 2-3 yr child who is free from any preconceived notions,  finds it easy to talk with animals, birds and nature. The same way nature rejuvenates the child within me. It’s easy to talk to nature if you stop judging yourself of being crazy or not.

The best part about winters is that you can witness the dance of nature DSC_0007.jpgas the sun rises engulfing the whole world with its warm golden rays. Right now there are two street dogs on my terrace who have come to soak the sun rays.

They fear me, I fear their sharp teeth but we still sitting on the same terrace hoping to communicate well “Peace, Harmony is what we both want.”


Nature has always brought a smile on my face. Hope the way my morning is going the rest of the 364 pages will also go peacefully. The same I wish for you all.

Stay happy stay blessed

Following are the link to my post depicting the dance of nature at my home


2016- A Bumpy Ride

2016 started with a good news which would take me on a bumpy ride. The good news was that I got a job though not my dream job but a job that could give me money. Apart from money I would be grateful to this job for giving me a good bumpy ride on a rugged path which ended this year with a perfect fall.

2016 was the year of facing the real world, real people at work where money rules, materialistic goals rule and ego rules. For a person like me it was like learning to survive in the real world. I love to spend time alone, with birds, animals, in the lap of nature and people who loves me. Coming out in the real world facing every type of person from low life to average to well cultured is more of a battle.

Though among all these hardships I think I have grown beautifully. For me it’s heart to heart, no manipulations. Simplicity and honesty is what rules me. But 2016 taught me how to mold in the strange atmosphere unless you want to get perished. Though it did teach me how to keep that innocent child with in me warm.

Among all the years I have lived I had time to heal in my own sanctuary- “MY HOME- amidst nature’s lap”. But 2016 never let me stay much in my sanctuary. It was a year of hard training whshamanere the only thing that rejuvenated my continuously draining energy was the faith in GOD. It helped me in making Gods my friends as humans were unavailable.

Human friends are hard to find with whom I can share my problems or stories of the day. At one hand where 2016 gave me hard time, on the other hand it gave me a close friend with whom I could share my problems and their follow ups. This friend was ‘Nandi’- the bull. I would be grateful to him for being a good listener and a great friend with whom I could connect emotionally. He provided the warmth for the child in me to grow.  If I count the blessed moments of 2016, the time spent with Nandi counts. As I recall those moments, my eyes are filled with tears reflecting the intensity of gratitude I have for him.

As 2016 comes to an end, I feel like the ugly part of the battle has come to an end, though the battle is still not over. The mountains yet to climb but it won’t be a bumpy ride anymore. It will be a smooth flow as I imbibe the lessons of 2016.

Surrender to the gods, Let it flow 🙂


Hope you have a blessed 2017.

Stay happy, Stay blessed 🙂

Searching in the dark..!

Searching in the dark..!

Searching in the dark,
The light that must be found,
Before the spiral numb us completely


Lets keep our self warm,
With the memories of the past,
To survive this cold till we search the light


The wolves are howling,
The night is growing colder,
Amidst the chills running down my spine,
There is solace I’m finding in the spiral.

My memories might be fading,
But the darkness can’t numb my imagination,
The spiral may be going downward,
But it seems like the light is near.

Let’s sit with our eyes closed,
Imagining the light that is nowhere to be found,
As we look deeper within our eyes,
The world that we thought was lost, has started to revive

As I open my eyes thinking the sun has risen,
To my surprise the night was of the new moon,
The darkness was still ruling,
But the spiral was gone and the chills were over,

The howling of the wolves sounded more mystical,
As I altered my thoughts with the light I saw inside,
The night remained the same, the darkness still prevailed,
But my perception changed as the light was finally found.



Stay Happy, Stay blessed 🙂



A dream to contemplate…!

As the golden rays of the setting sun is painting the walls of my room, I sit to write another post. I know its been long time since I wrote anything but today finally I write again. I haven’t chosen any topic but its a line from my dream that made me contemplate on it for a few days. Let’s see how it unfolds.

Few days back I had a dream in which a mystic asked me to tell my good qualities and I looked at him callously telling him that I’m bad. He smiled and left. Since then I have been trying to come out with my good qualities failing to find any. :p

It not that I don’t have any good qualities but when I look at them I see their opposite also residing in me. If I have warmth in me then I have equally strong coldness in me to break hearts. This duality do not let me say that I am good without acknowledging the bad me. Rather I feel comfort in saying I am bad as the light seems be effortlessly flowing within me without any expectations of proving that it exists.

The light and darkness, the tamas and rajas, the yin and yang are meant to coexist. I don’t know about ‘WE’ but I take myself neither good nor bad. It’s in the moments what I chose, light or dark, good or bad. What I chose leaves its impression on me. The bliss of ignorance is that you will keep choosing one unaware of the other. But in every moment there is a battle between the light and darkness, the good and bad you. Be aware of your emotions no matter if they make you see the selfishness in you at that moment. Acknowledge what you just observed and take a wise conscious decision with your heart in it. With the heart in it you will always be choosing light as LIGHT IS WHERE THE TRUTH IS.

This much is enough. Seems like I got the answer of my dream.

Stay happy, stay blessed 🙂