Magickal struggle…!

Magickal struggle…!

Hello everyone. Hope u all doing good in your life. If not then I hope your struggle will end for ur brighter future. In life there comes a time when we need to decide between the two odds. Weather to accept what we got n settle or to keep struggling for the better.

The awkward moment is when we realize that in our struggle for the better we missed precious moments of life.

 Struggle is bitter when we let it rob us from our time. The time which we could have enjoyed with our friends or on ourselves if we could have chosen the option of settling down. But for some giving up is never an option. If you are also one of them then what’s coming is for you.

Our present creates the future which with the passage of time becomes the past. If the struggling time is average the past never becomes a precious gift. But if the struggling time is magickal then your past becomes your torchbearer guiding u for your future struggles n building your magickal memories.

The term “magickal” bears a great significance. Without it the struggles which u might even win, will not get imprinted on ur soul for the future reference.

What are these magickal moments n how do they create a magickal struggle are worth intriguing. So let’s not waste time and let’s  jump into it.

Magick is the ability that our soul possess and it comes to us naturally as we gain experience with every rebirth. With the magick in your struggle you become one with the universe with your body, mind and spirit in sync. This oneness with the universe helps the magick flowing with every breath u take.

Once u have tasted this magick in ur struggle, u will always yearn for it in ur every struggle. The best part about this magick is that it makes your struggle effortless. In the physical dimensions u might have done a lot of hard work but to u it would be like piece of pie.

Magick is not easy to come. Living in the materialistic world surrounded by worldly temptations and lower vibrations, we tend to lose our touch with our soul. All we become is the I, the ego. But if u able to get the magickal element in ur struggle then u surely has the blessings.

Keep yourself tune to meditations. Try any meditation which draws u to it. It’s about silencing the mind so that ur right brain can syncrohnize ur mind,body n spirit to that of the universe. Let ur intention harmonize with ur intuition for the magick to happen. Do not judge when u r trying to create magick. Left brain is a big no no. Shun the ego n let universe act through u to complete ur struggle. Once the magick start u will automatically feel it. You might wonder how it’s happening, why it’s happening? But leave all these queries behind n just flow with the magick.

Remember one thing, U R SPECIAL AND BLESSED. Trust ur soul n follow ur intuition while u try creating magick.

Hope there was something for all to gain from this post. Keep practicing as one day ur soul will do it’s magick.

The sun shining brightly n the universe being created in his hand is what makes this pic stay as a wallpaper of my phone for months now- Magick!

Stay happy stay blessed.



At Peace…!

At Peace…!

Whenever their is a reunion one question is always asked, ย “Why are you so happy?” or “why are you so sad?” When such questions are asked to me I wonder how do we see a person as happy or sad.
Mostly, when someone is laughing, smiling a lot, filled with enthusiasm or what I can say is at a higher energy state charging the atmosphere around him or her to higher energy state is considered as a happy person. And, when someone is keeping quite, lacking in enthusiasm, is passive or is at lower energy state is considered as a sad person. Most of the times we see people in these two states only, happy or sad. Happy person is at higher energy state or in common term is active and a sad person is at lower energy state or in other terms as passive.

But what to call a person who is neither in higher energy state or lower energy state. These days I am facing the same thing. Neither I am in a higher energy state nor in a lower energy state. I find myself at that line on top of which is higher energy state and below is lower energy state. Whenever I come from 10-day Vipassana course then for a week or two I find myself at this line and whenever I am with my very close friends in the company of whom even silence is relaxing, I find myself at this line. I don’t know what to name this line but I can describe what I feel when I am at this line.

Like today, I had gone out to meet my friends. They all asked me that why am I sad and dull today. But the irony was that I was at peace. I was calm. Neither I was dancing nor I was crying, rather I was at peace with myself. These days I am at that line where I feel peace, calmness. I had days in my life when I used to be at higher energy state which brought lot of enthusiasm, laughing, dancing and lot of brightness. I also had days in my life when I used to be at lower energy state which brought melancholy, sadness, blues, laziness and winters. But at present I cannot relate my energy state to any of these two states. At present, the state I am in I feel peaceful, calm with a gentle smile wishing everyone happiness. It’s the sunshine I feel which warms my body and soul and may it give warmth to rest of the world.

Don’t know what to call this state as, maybe a balanced state which comes with a balanced mind but I would love to be in this state only, as it is stable unlike the other two states.

Balanced mind
At peace..!

Stay happy ๐Ÿ™‚

Memorable Journey…!

Memorable Journey…!

Alive is what I want to be,
Living to the fullest is what I dream,
Free from sufferings is the way I see,
And when I find that way,
I give my life a second chance,
To live again,
To dream again.

Finally back from the 10-day course of Vipassana. It was a wonderful experience and a memorable one. I went their as a meditator but by evening I was requested to serve as their was no server for the females. The work of a server is to see that the meditators have no problem so that they remain focused with their meditation. Though I did not meditate with that intensity like fellow meditators but throughout these 10-days I gained some invaluable things that I could not have got as a meditator. When one go for a 10-day course of Vipassana, they do Vipassana under the guidance of a teacher. So I served under a teacher who guided me in serving as well as in Vipassana. I wanted to say thank you to him and tell him that he really gave me some priceless gems but like old shruti, I could not. I don’t know how much time will it take for this old shruti to pass away. But from the heart I am indebted to my teacher.
I have done only one course of Vipassana and in the rest two I served. Though as per rule a person who has done two 10-day course can serve ๐Ÿ˜‰ย .

When I left Jammu, I wanted to go there as a meditator as I thought that by doing intense meditation all my fears, all the things that affect me will end. And when the course manager requested me to serve, at first I refused as I thought that if I will serve then I wouldn’t be able to do intense meditation, then how I’m going to end my fear. Also it might be my last time due my job. Later I found out that a Spanish women accepted to serve. She had done one or two course five years ago and she had never served before and she did not even continued the practice. When I asked her that how she said yes to serving, she shook her head and said that no one was willing so I had to take it. I thought to myself why be selfish and I relieved her from a heavy burden. I decided to serve. On the first day, I was laughing at my state. I came to get out of the worries of future and now I was serving so no intense Vipassana for me and no coming out of fear. But later in the night when servers and teachers discuss about the events of the day, I realised how lucky I was that I took serving. The things I learned from my teacher in these 10-days helped me in fighting my fear and also refined my Vipassana.

When I left Jammu, I was filled with the fear. Fear of the uncertainity, fear of strangers, fear of all the bad things, fear of the future. But now when I am back, that fearful old me is weak now. It’s not just Vipassana that weakened my fear, it is the understanding attached the technique that do wonders. So if someone wants to try Vipassana then make sure that you understand it properly so that you can practice it properly. One thing I noticed in this tour of mine that shocked me was a person who started doing Vipassana in 1990 when I was not even born. He was among those people who have been doing Vipassana for a very long time but still there is no change in them. It is so because they did not understand the technique properly and that really makes me want to understand it more clearly so that after 10-20 years I do not have to hear my teacher saying that I am doing it wrong or my family or friends saying that I am that same old shruti. So keep in mind that before you start practicing Vipassana understand it properly and then do it. You will then meet the new you soon.

pigeon flying
Fly high..!

Stay happy ๐Ÿ™‚

Best birthday present I can give to myself..!

Best birthday present I can give to myself..!

Things affect me,
Uncertainties make me fear,
Injustice makes me angry,
When I see the devil inside me,
I feel powerless, enslaved.

Things affect me,
So I try to find a way,

I try to find a way,
Where nothing can make me unstable,
Where peace will always be within me,
Even in between the traumas of life,
I will remain as calm, as serene,
Like a quiet lake,
Showing the solution deep inside its depth.

Things affect me,
So I try to find a way.

I try to find a way,
Where my heart won’t panic,
When I am faced with the lurking shadows of the dark,
Where my body won’t tremble with anxiety,
When someone yells at me.

Things affect me,
They show me how weak I am,
How easily unstable I can be,
They show me how much dependent I am,
My happiness, my peace all depends on situations.

Things affect me,
But I want to change,
So I try to find a way,
Where nothing can affect my peace,
Where nothing can affect my happiness,
Where my stability is independent of situations.

Things affect me,
So I try to find a way.

Finally before diving into another phase of my life, I am giving myself this birthday present. Going for a 10-day course of Vipassana, lot of my close friends specially my best friend, are unhappy as they wanted to celebrate my birthday, sorry guys. But try to understand that this is the best way for me to celebrate my birthday in this present time as I will walk on a path that can make me immune towards the things that affect me. To all the readers who read my blog, for ten days there won’t be anything new on this blog. Hopefully, when I return, I will come up with lot of new adventures of the mind and lot of other things I experienced there. Till then GoodBye. ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep smiling. ๐Ÿ™‚

Something I have realized…!

Something I have realized…!

Today is December 1 and I can say now that it’s been three months since I have been practicing Vipassana. I have never continued any thing in my life for so long and it feels good and I feel determined to do it for the rest of my life. In this post I won’t be sharing my experience of 3 months of Vipassana but I do want to talk about something that I have realized in these 3 months.

I have been doing Vipassana and it is helping me in every aspect of my life. It is like a medicine to me which has no side effects and makes my life worth living. Whenever I am surrounded by tough decisions, tough problems, it has been there to make my agitated, imbalanced mind, balanced and peaceful so that I can solve my problems. With Vipassana I have realized (note that I am not saying that I believe but realized as it is through my own experience) the power of balanced mind. It has helped me to realize that for we humans the most powerful tool which can create us or can even destroy us is our own mind.ย When the mind is balanced,ย we do not have to deal with the sh*t of life, rather what we see as unpleasant will appear to be just a simple problem with a simple solution and it will make us capable of even executing the solution.

When the mind is balanced,
There is no problem that can not be solved,
There is no decision that can not be taken.
ย When the mind is balanced, I have realized,
There is nothing for which I need to shed tears,
There is nothing for which I need to worry.
Everything is simple, nothing is complicated.
With the mind balanced,
Life is worth living, worth smiling.

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Tough days…!

I have always written about my struggles within these three months in my blog. I have written about the types of problems I have faced and for how long and how they were solved with the help of balancing my unbalanced mind through the technique called Vipassana. But today, I am writing this post when I am still in the problem and trying to solve it.

Like I have said in my previous posts also, that through this blog I will keep sharing my experience of doing Vipassana and how much it has helped me in every aspect of life. There are some shining moments and successful experiences and there are some downfalls I have gone through during this time. There is nothing to be added or subtracted from the truth. Whatever I experience is what I write without exaggerating.

For the past 4 days my mind is very imbalanced. I feel agitated, irritated and the reasons that I can point our are the 5 problems that have struck me at once. All these five problems are related to different aspects of my life but one thing common in all these 5 problems are that they all are unpleasant and I don’t want them. If you good at pointing out the faults of others and have been reading my posts lately then you might say that how can I generate aversion towards an unpleasant thing? “It’s been 3 months since you have been doing Vipassana and still you are generating aversion towards unpleasant things. Where did your Vipassana go? You tell us to do it and you yourself can’t change? Where did the power of Vipassana go?”. Well you may say it or not but my family members do taunt me when I lose my temper and react, specially my brother and mother.

Well I wouldn’t like to give any excuses and I will admit it that still there are times when I lose my temper and shout generating complete hatred and aversion. I will admit that there are times when something unpleasant happens and my first reaction is of aversion and anger. In these 4 days there were lot of unpleasant things happening. I was agitated, sad, there was a mist of sadness of which I could not find the source so that I could tackle it. I am new to Vipassana but I never underestimate it and even during this time I tried to tackle my 5 problems with Vipassana. I knew that the proper solution could not be found till the mind is not balanced. Water needs to be calm so as to look into it’s depth.

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