As the silence creeps in..!

As the silence creeps in..!

As the silence creeps in,

The whole world stands still.

Waiting anxiously for the noise,

It’s drug to keep it high.
As the winds stop, the air drop dead,

The tired eyes stares at the sky,

For a leaf to move, to keep them in illusion 

That life is moving.
As I write this poem,

I anxiously waiting for the next rock song,

To keep me floating in my painful world.
But even in this vicious cycle of desires,

We all await silently for that light,

Which will shine the brilliance of silence,

Where the mind will be peaceful if it’s still,

Where the winds are calm like the deep sea,
We all awaits for those glistening eyes,

That awaits to open to see what’s inside,

A journey to a peacefull bliss,

A journey to Moksha!


Another day…!

Another day…!

The night has requested for another day,

Another chance to prove what couldn’t be proved today,

As the stars twinkle into the darkness,

My gaze lowers down to my empty hands,

Wishing that tomorrow they won’t be begging for another day, another chance.

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The untitled …!

The untitled …!

Nothing in the world seems so real,

It all comes in flashes n leaves no trail,

As the time passes by, the memories fade,

As nothing in the world was for real.
To the past that went so fast,

Leaving behind its fragnance for those who can’t see,

As the anticipation for the future grows,

The present stretches it’s wings,

Driven by the fragnance of the past.
Nothing in the world seems so real,

It all comes in flashes n leaves no trail,

As the time passes by, the memories fade,

As nothing in the world was for real.

Searching in the dark..!

Searching in the dark..!

Searching in the dark,
The light that must be found,
Before the spiral numb us completely


Lets keep our self warm,
With the memories of the past,
To survive this cold till we search the light


The wolves are howling,
The night is growing colder,
Amidst the chills running down my spine,
There is solace I’m finding in the spiral.

My memories might be fading,
But the darkness can’t numb my imagination,
The spiral may be going downward,
But it seems like the light is near.

Let’s sit with our eyes closed,
Imagining the light that is nowhere to be found,
As we look deeper within our eyes,
The world that we thought was lost, has started to revive

As I open my eyes thinking the sun has risen,
To my surprise the night was of the new moon,
The darkness was still ruling,
But the spiral was gone and the chills were over,

The howling of the wolves sounded more mystical,
As I altered my thoughts with the light I saw inside,
The night remained the same, the darkness still prevailed,
But my perception changed as the light was finally found.



Stay Happy, Stay blessed 🙂



Last Post of the 2015

For a month I had planned that  my last post of 2015 would be related to photography- the exquisite beauty of nature that I had captured this spring. But unfortunately all those pics are deleted :/ But there is always a silver lining.
While searching for my pics I found lot of my old works like poems, articles that I had written when I was about to enter college. I must say that my writing was damn intense that it felt like I was reading someone else’s work. This shows that the change I have gone through with time– getting more softer :p

So in my last post of 2015 I would like to post one of my article, one poem and one song that I wrote, composed, recorded.

Lets start with the song .

The song is called – “In the Ocean of my eyes“.

This was a poem that I converted into my first song. It was in March 2012 when I was in 3rd semester that I wrote this poem. I clearly remember that it was morning and I came to my parents room, sat on the chair and suddenly saw a card in front of me, took a pen and started writing this poem instantly. Within one minute it was over. I had learned to play guitar so I had the urge changing it into a song. Most probably there only I made the music and recording was done maybe on that day or probably few days after.

It’s been a long time since I have written a poem or a song. Enjoy the song- though there will be noise(better use headphones)


Now it’s time for the POEM.

I wrote it on 20th November, 2009. I have no memory related to this and when I read it I was shocked to see how intense it was. This was written during my Ist Semester. This one is still better. I have written poems during this time which are very painful and intense. I wonder what was going on my mind—(there was no love thing though ;))

Ready to run
Are U Ready?


Time to sneak into the reality,
To watch your steps,
Which you took in the past,
And want to regret,
Time to sneak into the reality,
Time to get ready to run.

Now if you stop yourself from introspection,
You will be left alone,
In the darkness of ignorance,
It’s the right time now,
Time to sneak into the reality,
Time to get ready to run.

Remember that now nobody can stop,
Donot look back,
As they wont be following you,
Be strong even your loved ones don’t walk with you,
As its time to sneak into the reality,
Time to get ready to run.

Do not think that you are alone,
As with you lies the divine power,
The power of realization,
The power of self explanation,
Which will take you into meditation,
As its time to sneak into reality,
Time to get ready to run!!!

The last but not the least one of my article written on 12th August, 2009. It’s called- “The HOPE“. (have no memory related to this). In the past whenever I used to write serious stuff I used to use my pseudo name- Awakened Indian :p

Never lose HOPE!


Hope, a word because of which humans have survived billions of years on earth. It’s a word because of which millions have smiled through darkness, besides having tears I their eyes its hope, still alive, which makes one move.

Sometimes while achieving something, we lose many things but still we go for it, even if we have bruised knees, we still walk beside all odds to achieve those things which for others is impossible but for us possible as the hope, still alive. An adventurer takes on an adventure in a hope of not finishing but in a hope of starting it. Sometimes you do not know where life is going, but you still walk and try to see how far you can go. It is hope still alive which makes you move from one failure to another, hungry and thirsty for success.

You get hurt in trying to achieve your goal but you still walk in the darkness also, with the lamp of hope, still alive. But it’s very tough to walk on the road of hope. Sometimes u think that your hard work is being paid but suddenly at the final moment it’s lost. You look at God and ask them why, the tears buried inside your heart falls on your bruises to heal them, which got worsened in the hope, that u will achieve your target. Again you try to get up, you limp for a while and then the embers of hope, still alive, makes you walk, so that u can achieve success.


No matter how far your destiny is,

No matter how rough the path is,

Never let the embers of hope die,

They are the one, who will,

Protect you from Cold!!!


By: Awakened Indian(shruti)

Dated: 2nd August, 2009


This is the concluding part of my last post of 2015. I think this was the unique way of writing my last post of 2015– copying and pasting my old content 😀

So if you made it to the end then Happy New Year to all of you. May you stay blessed and 2016 bring peace and prosperity in your life.

Stay happy, stay blessed 🙂

A morning scenario..!

Morning sunshine!

Rises the sun, with a bright smile,

I see it’s warmth with the head held high,

In a moment I hear the chirpings,

I know it’s time to feed the birds,

Which wakes with the rising sun.


The breeze is cool, soon it will warm up,

The birds have settled, soon they will fly away,

As the sun take it’s round, the day will soon turn to night.


I hear the sound of the temple bells,

The world has woken up to a new day,

For some it might be the same old day,

But for me it might be my last day.


The birds have finished eating,

Some drinking water from the earthen bowl,

As they fly away in the woods,

I too leave for  my usual chores.

Rise of Nationalism..!

indian independence
Rise of Nationalism

To the millions of heart,
Waiting for their turn.
For centuries they wait,
To fight the enemy they burn every year,
Giving you, the young blood, the push,
To hold your head high,
Coz your time has arrived.
Followed with your young blood,
As nation gets it’s spirit of nationalism,
It’s time.

Rise, Shine, this is your time,
Show the world  you not divided,
Show your enemy,
When it comes to your motherland,
You are ONE.

I can feel the wind of change,
Let your youth not go waste,
Rise, Shine, this is your time,
As I see the wind of change,
Nation gets ready to embrace it,
After years of laying dormant,
Nation rises
With the rise of nationalism.

Jai Hind.