Everybody wants to be loved…!

Faith and hope, they say are the best medicines for a quick rejuvenation. We all take this pill once in a while to keep us going till we reach the exit sign. We hope for a good day at work, a good day at college, faith in the gods to sail us through our problems.


Faith and hope the best medicines for living an ordinary life in an extraordinary way. 

Good and bad days are the part of living in this world. Like discontinuity in  time is the norm in the dream world, similarly duality is the norm in this world. To face this duality we need this combo of hope and faith- the best pill to live life.

We walk through people greeting us and sometime yelling at us. This duality is enjoyed and repelled at the same time. The fear of being disliked and the hope for a smooth flow of life is what keeps the mind racing.

Stop! Take a pause! Relax!

Look around you, this is the same world where in a heavy traffic if you accidentally bump into someones car you will be accused of being a bad driver, leaving aside the yelling you will be receiving. On the other hand the next day at work or college you will be overwhelmingly appreciated for your hardwork.

Slow down! Look carefully. This is the world of dualities we all live through.

Why I wrote this is to tell you not to fear of the unpleasantness and no to be too attached to the pleasant moments. They come and go. Let them pass through you without shaking your ground. Laugh through the good and bad as both are nothing but illusions of this world.

Take it easy. Have faith and hope of living this ordinary life in an extraordinary way and letting the good and bad pass through you without shaking you like you are the mere spectator is the extraordinary.

I tried a new stuff of audio recording this post, would love if you try it


Stay happy stay blessed 🙂


The fire that awaits…!

The music was loud, the drinks intoxicating, everyone in the room seems to enjoy the last day of yet another aging year.

“Would you like to have a refill, madame?”

The empty glass was raised and the wine poured gently. Sitting alone in the comfortable couch that smelled of leather, her lips touched the wine glass for another gulp. Her eyes constantly staring at the flames as they danced on the dry woods. Hypnotized by the cozy fire in front of her, she wondered why people fear fire. It doesn’t burns rather dances on the mortal remains.

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Under the roof everyone she thought mattered were present. Intoxicated by the drinks they didn’t notice her sitting too close to the fireplace. With every passing moment she knew she would be fed to the fire. The flames will dance on her too while they ravish her mortal existence.

Holding the glass half filled, her eyes departed from the fire and searched for her family. Seeing them completely consumed in the illusions of the mortal world, she hissed. Her gaze came back to the flames, still alive and dancing. Her eyes burned with the tears that wanted to roll down her cheeks and alert her guardians that she would be fed to the fire at the tick of 12.

The noise grew louder, 3…….2……….1…. Her ears went deaf and only she could hear was the ringing sound. The decision was made. She stood up, gulped the last wine she would ever taste and threw the glass into the fire. Getting the first taste of her mortal existence the fire roared. The cozy warmth of fire had changed into the ferocious heat biting her skin.

She stepped away from the fire. Looked at her family once again, miserably hoping that they will snap out from the hypnosis and would protect her. To her dismay they didn’t even notice, completely intoxicated by the wine, prepared and served by the greatest illusionist, Maya.

The fire had grown impatient. It grew louder and she knew what laid ahead. Shifting her gaze to the fire, she closed her eyes and started invoking the immortal within as that was the only thing untouched by the fire. The flames rose to taste her mortal skin and with every burn she kept invoking the immortal within by the mantra:

“It’s just a bad illusion, it shall pass”

As the silence creeps in..!

As the silence creeps in..!

As the silence creeps in,

The whole world stands still.

Waiting anxiously for the noise,

It’s drug to keep it high.
As the winds stop, the air drop dead,

The tired eyes stares at the sky,

For a leaf to move, to keep them in illusion 

That life is moving.
As I write this poem,

I anxiously waiting for the next rock song,

To keep me floating in my painful world.
But even in this vicious cycle of desires,

We all await silently for that light,

Which will shine the brilliance of silence,

Where the mind will be peaceful if it’s still,

Where the winds are calm like the deep sea,
We all awaits for those glistening eyes,

That awaits to open to see what’s inside,

A journey to a peacefull bliss,

A journey to Moksha!

A Treasure to share- in search of I

A Treasure to share- in search of I

Hello readers. Hope by now you might have come across the treasures of life be it in the form of love, happiness or soul searching. If not then don’t worry, one day you will if you won’t stop looking inside. After spending a month riding the high and low tides of life, I too stumbled across a treasure box. After opening it I realized that there was no point in living in the memories of the past. The treasure I found would rather make every moment soulful just like the memories I mostly recall.

I would love to share this treasure with you. In the month of April, I came across the knowledge of Soul- I. The teachings of soul fascinated me and like a researcher without wasting time I started imbibing it to see its effects. In this journey of “Aatmagyaan”(The knowledge of self), I started seeing the body reflected in the mirror as an instrument in which  I – the soul is stationed, in this life.

People often quote that life is short. But to me it’s our time in this present body that is short.

When I used to drive to office I would not see people rather the bodies driven by souls, without them realizing that they both are different. Sometimes this illusion of maya would put me in a different zone that I would have to shake my head to focus on the road.


After a week of immersing in this knowledge of soul- I,  I went to meet Nandi- the Bull- my best friend.  It had been weeks since I had met him and a year since we shared the soulful bond like old times. This time when we met it was like the old time- the soulful bond was back without me even trying. The moment was magickal.

Earlier when my meditations were not regular or would not be at soul level, Nandi would behave just like another animal or a pet. For several months I had sensed the loss of connection between me and him. This time as I got connected with my soul, I automatically got connected with him/his soul. The amazing thing was that he didn’t waste time in recognizing his old friend who got lost in her pursuit of materialistic goals. That moment was highly enriching for my soul as well as his.

But me being an indiscipline student would keep on refocusing till mind,body and spirit comes in perfect alignment.

Hope this experience gave you something soulful to ponder as sometimes in life we need little triggers to lead us on the right path.


Hope you have a great day ahead.

Stay Happy Stay blessed 🙂

Inactivity and the loss of Magick…!

As the sun rises, the birds will start chirping, squirrels will move swiftly finding in search of their food and the whole world be come back to life. What if their was nothing but inactivity?

Inactivity is death. Laziness breeds inactivity causing the cycle of Magick to stop. Be mindful of what you r feeling in the moment. The cloudiness, numbness, laziness r the signs of inactivity.

When struck by inactivity, the flow of prana or chi is disrupted perpetuating more inactivity. Magick is done with the life force of prana or chi. 

Inorder to come out of this inactivity one needs to set the wheel in motion. The prana or chi must flow, the mind must get clear and the heart/emotions must get connected to the universe. That’s when ur day ultimately starts.

  • Meditate, stay away from things that r making u numb like television, social media, mundane gossips etc.
  • Eat healthy. Stay away from junk food.
  • Exercise, go out into the woods, feel the greenery. Let it refresh ur mind, body spirit.

Last but the most integral one, invoke the Magick in every step u take to come back to life. The must know why above steps r being taken.

Hope this will be of help to all those who feel inactive. Remember ur mind is the Magick wand to create Magick. So never give up.

.                                      The cosmos is within U


Stay happy stay blessed 🙂

Magick n materialistic world…!

Magick n materialistic world…!

After a good high, a low must come just like the waxing moon bound to wane. 

A week spent in the job of 9 to 6 and whole of my magickal energy sucked into, leaving me with an average me.

The image above is a reminder for all those trying to stay in touch with magick, universe and its  mysteries amidst the lashes from the lower vibrations of materialistic world.

My favorite pastime is sitting at home and seeking the mystical mysteries of universe. At home, we are not polluted by the materialistic forces as there is no contact with the world. But when you r in a job this isolation is not easy to attain. Thus the magickal feel gets lessened day after day until one day it confronts u in the form of syncrohnicity- a message from the universe,


Let’s not forget,

 if u r thinking about spirituality, magick then the fire is still burning. All u have to do is close ur eyes and call the one you always feel by ur side who will raise ur mystical vibrations.

Feel the light within, the magick within. The more u feel the more it grows stronger thus making ur light shining among the darkness of the materialistic world.

Stay with the light. Remember u r blessed if u can feel the magick within.

Stay happy stay blessed. 🙂