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Lying on her back staring at the stars Anna recalled the the day’s events. The current flow, her accidental meeting with the old man, her heightened senses in just a day made her felt a year older.

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As she was enjoying the evening under the shimmering sky a gentle deep voice spoke to her.

“Enjoying the illusions of Maya?

Anna looked towards her right to find a tall man looking down at her. She straightened herself up to meet the gaze of the old man. The moon light was enough for her to recognize the old man. His white beard was shining under the full moon light.

“How did you get inside? Why are you here? What are you doing to me? Who are you?” All the questions which she couldn’t ask in the morning she wasted no time to blurt them out.

The calm and gentle face of the old man bathed in the moon light supported a smile that reassured Anna that she was safe.

“It’s funny how a soul forgets her past relationships as it takes another birth.”- the old man replied.

He paused for a while staring into her deep brown eyes trying to integrate her body mind and spirit.

“If you allow your mind to settle and body as an obedient servant who is ready to act then you might realise who you are thus realising who I am.”

As the old man started opening the Pandora box through his powerful words the current started flowing through her spine.
Anna felt like she was in a state of trance but this time the memory of this very moment was to be imprinted in her mind.

“Anna! Come inside. It’s late.” Anna’s mother cried from the front door.

Anna didn’t react as she was in a trance with her eyes piercing through the eyes of the old man.

“Anna!” Her mother snapped at her. The trance faded paving way for fear to take its place. For a moment Anna raced her mind to think of a suitable reason to introduce the old man to her mother who came out of nowhere in this dark night.

“Why are you standing here alone and what on earth are you staring at?” Mrs X angrily snapped at her.

As the Pandora box got opened under the full moon , Anna saw herself stuck between her mother and the old man aka the visible and the invisible worlds.

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