Hey guys, if u are new to this series then then you might wanna read the earlier chapters to understand where the story is going. The links are below,

Chapter1, Chapter 1 Part 2, Chapter 2, Chapter 2 Part 2,Chapter 3, Chapter 3 Part 2, Chapter 4

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In the short nap under the shade of the tree Anna was enjoying a beautiful dream. She was enjoying the view of the shining unicorns running across the river. The water was crystal clear reflecting the seven colors of the rainbow. The dream was so vivid and colourful that for a moment she mistook it as reality.

The currents were flowing frequently through her spine like waves. She had started growing comfortable with their flow. Slowly as the dream melted away she opened her eyes to meet the bright green eyes of Mac which were waiting for her to come back to the real world.

Anna stared at his sparkling green eyes as if she was noticing them the first time. Failing to drill deeper into his eyes her eyes glanced through his wavy dark brown hair that needed a haircut.

“Have you finished staring at me or you want more?” Mac asked trying to hide his amusement.

Anna snapped out of the hynosis. Her cheeks turning pink as she realized that she was caught stealing.

Looking at her blushing, Mac there a smile which soon burst into laughter. Immediately Anna also joined the giggling and laughing.

The cool breeze flowing under the shade of  the tree now carried with itself the laughter of the two young souls that were waiting to be awakened on their respective paths.

Stay happy stay blessed

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