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Previously on “A Girl and the Mystic”, Anna a 20 yr American college going girl encountered a powerful mystic from the ancient world disguised as an old man who had come to ignite her frozen soul. With every encounter she transformed magically. This time on her second meet the old man has given a thrust to her soul so that it can rule over her body and mind.”

It was noon. The cafeteria was buzzed with students. The air inside the cafeteria was filled with the smell of fresh garlic bread and mushrooms. Mac couldn’t stop but notice Anna who was so engrossed in eating her sandwich. She was savoring every bite as the cheese melted in her mouth blending with the spicy mushrooms.

“Anna the food isn’t that delicious the way you enjoying it? It is the same as it was yesterday. ” Mac asked out of curiosity.

“I don’t know Mac but it all tastes new to me. You won’t believe but today every things seems new and fresh like I am looking at it the first time.” Anna replied surprised by her behaviour .

” Haha! Is it also Magick? ” Mac trying to tease Anna.

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Anna made an angry face to make Mac stop laughing. She could hear the loud noise in the canteen. The squeaky voice of the girl sitting at the table behind her, the munching of the guy sitting next to her. The noise has started giving her a little headache. She stood up and paced towards the garden outside the canteen.

The colors appeared more sharper than before. The sun was dazzling in the blue sky. The temperature was warm enough to enjoy the shade under the tree. Anna sat beneath the tree, away from the noise of the canteen.

She knocked off her shoes and touched the green grass with her bare hands and feet. Her head rested at the tree trunk. She felt the coolness of the sand beneath her hands. As she rested with her eyes closed, Mac joined her.

He couldnt resist staring at her pleasant face . Anna looked more younger. Her relaxed face was strangely filled with innocence. Mac was a keen observer and he knew that something again had changed in Anna. But he couldn’t point out the reason for these sudden transformations as he was unaware of the old man in her life.

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Stay happy stay blessed

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