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Chapter1, Chapter 1 Part 2, Chapter 2, Chapter 2 Part 2,Chapter 3

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It was 7am, the sun was shining in the blue sky. The pleasant aroma of Daisy, jasmine and roses had filled the X’s mansion. The boundaries of the big garden at the centre of which the mansion lied was surrounded by big palm trees. Anna’s car drove near the fountain which welcomed the grandview of X’s mansion.

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A pleasant moist breeze touched Anna as she stepped outside the car. Suddenly she felt the droplets of water which blew from the fountain landing on her skin. The gentle pressure of the breeze brushing past her face was more visible than before.

The music of the nightingales became more noticable as well as more pleasant to hear. Observing the outside world with her sudden heightened senses she took a deep breath. The aroma of the flowers overpowered her senses of smell. She again felt the electric wave flowing from her lower spine to the top of her head.

A sudden rush of energy , youthfulness made Anna sprint. She ran in the garden like a four year old, touching the flowers, trees, leaves and hugging the pleasant cool air that was around her. Smiling and gigling like a five year old she looked up at the clear blue sky, opening her arms wide, deeply inhaling the poignant air.

With her arms spread wide open and her eyes staring at the blue sky,like she was looking at them for the first time, Anna was welcoming her friends from the invisible world. The irony of this moment was that her rational mind was not aware of her actions which were secretly being governed by her someone special aka her soul.

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Stay happy stay blessed

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