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Chapter1, Chapter 1 Part 2, Chapter 2, Chapter 2 Part 2

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This morning the X’s mansion was left by a quite,serene girl for the woods but now the mansion was welcoming the ancient, powerful soul residing in the body of that girl named Anna.

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Since childhood Anna felt as if she was special. Her innocent childhood was spent more with the birds and trees than with the children of her age. She was the child who would observe things around her, the visible as well as invisible. Many of her friends belonged to the invisible world. She as a kid would talk to them and take guidance from them.

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But as she grew in a rational world where rationality was measured in terms of perceiving things through the human five senses, Anna became skeptical of her behaviour. She started questioning her intuitive abilities terming them as the figment of her imagination. With her skepticism and rationality  she lost her friends from the visible as well as the invisible world.
Anna didn’t realize that she was not made to fit in this 4 dimensional world. The more she tried to fit in the more she got estranged with herself. This resulted in her constant feeling of emptiness and loneliness.
For Anna she had lost her friends from the invisible world but for them the hope hadn’t died. They tirelessly tried to bring her out of ignorance.

The old mystic from the ancient world was one such successful attempt in awakening her frozen soul to take control of her body and mind again.

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