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Hello old lady! Could you please tell the way to the bus stop?”

“Sure! It’s straight down the lane to the right. But why did you call me an old lady? I am just 20 years old.”

“Haha!”, laughed the old man with white beard. “Your body is the reflection of the inside you. If inside you have stepped into an early oldage then I didn’t lie. Don’t worry. It’s never too late to start afresh. Maybe tomorrow you will wake up with your someone special who will take away your loneliness forever.”

Looking at the old man sitting at the bus stop Anna revisited the memory of their first meeting. She opened the car door and decided to move towards the old man. Looking at his white beard and hairs she assumed the old man to be around his 70s.

Anna found something unusual about the eyes of the old man. They were deep and bright. It was same like the eyes she saw in the mirror the day she transformed.

Anna stood near the old man with all her unanswered questions. An excitement ran through her on realizing that the mystery related to her transformation was going to unravel soon. As soon the old man stood up to meet her eyes, the sudden wave of queries seemed to subside. The mysterious eyes of the old man invoked someone special residing in the body of Anna.

“You have found your path. Keep walking on it till you master this body and mind.” The stern but deep voice of the old man made Anna bow her head in a gesture as if he was her teacher.

The moment Anna straightened her self up, the old man was gone. She was perplexed to find herself standing at an empty bus stop.

Throughtout the rest of her drive back home she couldn’t come to the conclusion whether she really saw the old man at the bus stop or it was just her eyes deception.

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