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Previously on “A girl and the Mystic”, Anna, a 20 yr old college going American girl woke up to a sudden transformation within herself after she met an ancient mystic disguised as an old man. The transformation was taken by her as a Magick as she couldn’t find any explanation to it. The mystic waited for the winters to pass to make his re-appearance in Anna’s life. 

The bliss of ignorance that Anna flowed through the winters was going to vaporize with the coming of spring . The arrival of the mystic would open the Pandora box for which Anna was being prepared since winters.


It was 4 am when Anna woke up. The alarm clock was not required anymore as her body has tuned to her biorhythms. The air was pleasant filled with the fragrance of Daisy. She stepped out of the bed for her daily routine.

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After a brief jog in the woods she sat for meditation. The woods had become her firend. The peaceful atmosphere away from the noise of the city had done justice to their friendship. It was twilight. She sat underneath an old banyan tree that stood like a wise old man among the rest. Closing her eyes her attention drifted towards her breath. Feeling comfortable with the silence within and outside, she drifted more deeper. As the first light of the sun signified the break of dawn, she sanked deeper trying to cut the veil of darkness, finding her sunrise.
In her quest to cut across the darkness she felt some vibrations at the base of her spine. It felt like the ground beneath her was shaking. Her mind suddenly jumped to focus on those vibrations as it was something new she was experiencing. The more she observed the stronger they grew. Within a few seconds she felt them slowly rising through her lower spine.


Suddenly a voice wisphered in her ears and the vibrations jumped like an electric current from the bottom of her spine to the top of her head. Awestruck by the experience, she opened her eyes thinking about the old mystic.

The sun had risen beautifully, the air had grown a bit warm. Anna made her way past the woods reaching to her car.

It was a 30 minute drive from the woods to her home. During the journey she kept thinking about that voice she had heard during meditation and the electric current that flew through her spine. Suddenly she felt like she passed the old mystic sitting at the bus stop. She stamped the breaks and reversed her car towards the bus stop. Her eyes didn’t mistake, it was indeed the old man sitting at the bus stop waiting for her.

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Stay happy stay blessed

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