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The cold winds had became slightly warm. With winters coming to an end Anna had enjoyed the bliss of the Magick that was endowed on her by the old mystic. Questions pertaining to her sudden transformation often poped up but by now she had learnt to live with these unanswered questions.

Meditations had become a usual time pass for her. If she would be doing nothing then she would be meditating. How meditation came to this 20 yr old college going American girl was itself a mystery.  The loud horns, the greedy empires and the lust prevailing cinemas couldn’t deter her from the path her soul had desired for several lifetimes.

Changing her loneliness into solitude she had mastered the art of being comfortable with her companionship. Usually Mac would be around her in the college but even he couldn’t help but notice the sudden depth in Anna that would glare through her hypnotizing eyes.

After meditating before sleep, Anna gently drifted in her dreams which now had become more lucid. This last cool night of winter was her last to experience the bliss of ignorance as the answers to her questions were waiting for the next morning of spring.

Stay happy stay blessed

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