In the cold winter morning, she woke up to the alarm , that she put for a special reason. She slipped into her slippers and went to meet her someone special. The air was cool but the heat from the glowing chimney had created the warm environment. She looked into the mirror to find out her new self, her someone special.

Trying to find conviction in the words of the sage she encountered last night, she was surprised to see the glowing eyes looking back at her. The body was unusually hers but something has changed since last night. Brimming with joy, not able to recognize it’s root she rushed down to the family lounge where her father was sipping the hot tea.

Unable to hide her enthusiasm she asked her father to notice the change in her. Her father, Mr X looked gleefully at her and complimented her for looking like a bright sunshine.

“What is the good news? You look so happy and exuberant.”

She blushed a little then exclaimed that she don’t know but she is happy after a long time.

Mr X smiled at her and started reading the newspaper while sipping the hot tea.

She ran into the kitchen to find her mother as her doubts were still to be verified.

“Mom do u see a change in me” , she asked gleefully.

Mrs X looking through her foggy glasses beamed at her, satisfying the doubts that were popping in her mind.

“You look amazing dear. What a pleasant morning? After a long time I see you smiling again. How did this sudden change come?”

Her mother’s reply satisfied her hunger for acknowledging the fact that had no story, just a little magic.

Smiling and singing she came back to her room. The winter sun rays were forcing there way into her bedroom. Finally they succeeded when she removed the curtains that had became the ally of darkness. Feeling the warm sun rays on her face she got glimpse of a pleasant memory of the past that never took place.

Immersed in her thoughts she woke up to a sudden noise. Her cell phone rang. Looking at the time it was time for her to leave for college.

“Hi Mac, I’ll be right there within 20 min.”

The new she rushed for some pair of jeans and top from her closet but it was hard time choosing what to wear. She saw the paleness in her clothes, the dullness in the colors she had picked while shopping. The whole closet looked alien to her.

“Why would u ever choose these colors? They are so dull and lifeless.” She angrily questioned herself .

Trying to find a color in her black and white world an electric current went through her spine. She was witnessing her old self- the lifeless. Brushing the past aside she finally settled for a blue denim jeans and a peach top which she bought a year ago but never wore. It complemented her skin color that had changed from pale yellow to fair pink.

Eating her breakfast in a hurry she went to the bus stop where Mac was already waiting for her. Mac was a handsome cool headed guy. Punctuality was his trait which lacked in her.

“I’m sorry Mac I got a bit late though that’s a usual story.”

The moment Mac set his eyes on her he was taken aback. After struggling for sometime to find his voice he finally exclaimed,

“Wow! What happened to you? Till last night you were like a zombie and today you are blossoming like the spring flower. ”

Understanding his excitement she simply replied that she doesn’t know what happened.

Through the whole journey Mac found it hard to contain his excitement related to this sudden change of event. After reaching college he finally made another attempt to solve this mystery.

The mystery wasn’t just for Mac but it was for her too. She didn’t realize the subtle changes that took place in her aura when she met that sage who asked her the way to the bus stop. She simply did not meet an old man with a white beard last night but a powerful mystic of the ancient world. It can be said that ignorance is a bliss as the days coming ahead would be full of change, a domino effect that was triggered by her good karma of the last night.

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Stay happy stay blessed

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