Hello readers. Hope by now you might have come across the treasures of life be it in the form of love, happiness or soul searching. If not then don’t worry, one day you will if you won’t stop looking inside. After spending a month riding the high and low tides of life, I too stumbled across a treasure box. After opening it I realized that there was no point in living in the memories of the past. The treasure I found would rather make every moment soulful just like the memories I mostly recall.

I would love to share this treasure with you. In the month of April, I came across the knowledge of Soul- I. The teachings of soul fascinated me and like a researcher without wasting time I started imbibing it to see its effects. In this journey of “Aatmagyaan”(The knowledge of self), I started seeing the body reflected in the mirror as an instrument in which  I – the soul is stationed, in this life.

People often quote that life is short. But to me it’s our time in this present body that is short.

When I used to drive to office I would not see people rather the bodies driven by souls, without them realizing that they both are different. Sometimes this illusion of maya would put me in a different zone that I would have to shake my head to focus on the road.


After a week of immersing in this knowledge of soul- I,  I went to meet Nandi- the Bull- my best friend.  It had been weeks since I had met him and a year since we shared the soulful bond like old times. This time when we met it was like the old time- the soulful bond was back without me even trying. The moment was magickal.

Earlier when my meditations were not regular or would not be at soul level, Nandi would behave just like another animal or a pet. For several months I had sensed the loss of connection between me and him. This time as I got connected with my soul, I automatically got connected with him/his soul. The amazing thing was that he didn’t waste time in recognizing his old friend who got lost in her pursuit of materialistic goals. That moment was highly enriching for my soul as well as his.

But me being an indiscipline student would keep on refocusing till mind,body and spirit comes in perfect alignment.

Hope this experience gave you something soulful to ponder as sometimes in life we need little triggers to lead us on the right path.


Hope you have a great day ahead.

Stay Happy Stay blessed 🙂


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