Inactivity and the loss of Magick…!

As the sun rises, the birds will start chirping, squirrels will move swiftly finding in search of their food and the whole world be come back to life. What if their was nothing but inactivity?

Inactivity is death. Laziness breeds inactivity causing the cycle of Magick to stop. Be mindful of what you r feeling in the moment. The cloudiness, numbness, laziness r the signs of inactivity.

When struck by inactivity, the flow of prana or chi is disrupted perpetuating more inactivity. Magick is done with the life force of prana or chi. 

Inorder to come out of this inactivity one needs to set the wheel in motion. The prana or chi must flow, the mind must get clear and the heart/emotions must get connected to the universe. That’s when ur day ultimately starts.

  • Meditate, stay away from things that r making u numb like television, social media, mundane gossips etc.
  • Eat healthy. Stay away from junk food.
  • Exercise, go out into the woods, feel the greenery. Let it refresh ur mind, body spirit.

Last but the most integral one, invoke the Magick in every step u take to come back to life. The must know why above steps r being taken.

Hope this will be of help to all those who feel inactive. Remember ur mind is the Magick wand to create Magick. So never give up.

.                                      The cosmos is within U


Stay happy stay blessed 🙂


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