After a good high, a low must come just like the waxing moon bound to wane. 

A week spent in the job of 9 to 6 and whole of my magickal energy sucked into, leaving me with an average me.

The image above is a reminder for all those trying to stay in touch with magick, universe and its  mysteries amidst the lashes from the lower vibrations of materialistic world.

My favorite pastime is sitting at home and seeking the mystical mysteries of universe. At home, we are not polluted by the materialistic forces as there is no contact with the world. But when you r in a job this isolation is not easy to attain. Thus the magickal feel gets lessened day after day until one day it confronts u in the form of syncrohnicity- a message from the universe,


Let’s not forget,

 if u r thinking about spirituality, magick then the fire is still burning. All u have to do is close ur eyes and call the one you always feel by ur side who will raise ur mystical vibrations.

Feel the light within, the magick within. The more u feel the more it grows stronger thus making ur light shining among the darkness of the materialistic world.

Stay with the light. Remember u r blessed if u can feel the magick within.

Stay happy stay blessed. šŸ™‚


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