Hello everyone welcome to another blog. This is related to nightmares. How many nights have you spent dreaming about things that are unpleasant? Something unpleasant, horrific in the dream makes the dream a nightmare. Every one in life time experiences nightmares as we evolove through the stages of life.

I thought of writing about this topic as I myself experiences several nightmares. Though they seems to be interesting and attractive once you remove the element of fear within.

 In plain psychological terms one of the prevalent reason is the faults and fears within us that our subconscious mind confronts us with in a dream. Nightmares like driving a car in a dark night where u can’t see the road or brake failure are very common. These are mostly related to our activities in the waking life.

But I want to address the problem of nightmares at a level of psychic attacks. Have you ever experienced a sudden night full of nightmares after meeting a certain person or visiting a certain place. These sudden nightmares have no correlation with your work life or personal life. Then why do they occur?

The secret lies in the energy, the vibrations , the frequencies. We all know there are good people and bad people. What makes them good or bad depends on their intentions. If you meet a person who is jealous of you and would thrive in your failure then better avoid them. Such people will have negative vibrations which will affect yours and you may end up having a nightmare.

This is the reason that the wise people tells us to keep in touch with our spiritual activities or you can say religious activities.

Even meditations can induce nightmares as a part of cleaning the subconscious. Meditations make you more open to the frequencies around you. This makes you absorb the negative ones also. Thus triggering nightmares. That’s why the practice of shielding oneself during meditation and the closing the chakras especially the heart chakra are recommended.

The most important remedy to nightmares is setting the intention right. If you sleep with a fear of being attacked by a bad person then you are allowing the negative vibrations to breach your protective shield. Before going to sleep set your intention that you are safe and protected. 

On a different note I would say that nightmares aren’t that bad. All it takes is to remove the element of fear, detach yourself from the situation and simply observe and take control when required. It’s tough but with practice one can learn to dream control. With this your nightmares will serve as your training ground.

Hope this was useful. Keep ur spiritual/religious activities up. Those who meditate don’t forget to create a protective shield and closing your heart chakra. I will write about dream control, lucid dreams in detail in my next posts. Till then stay happy, stay blessed.


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