Hello everyone. M back again with another post. This time I want to address a problem which every working class faces. The problem is “I have no time”, “I don’t know when the sun rises and when it gets dark”, “My home is just a crashing spot where I sleep n wake up to go back to my job”. If you often face such problems then u r at the right place. Keep reading to know how to feel at home again.

Let’s make u feel at home by doing this simple exercise. Take a deep breath. Hold it for few seconds. Now u r in the present.  Feel the comfort of this present moment. Feel the warmth of being at home. This is ur moment, the very moment when u r spending ur time at home and not in ur job. 

What would u like to do in this present moment. Would u let ur addictions take over u or would pay attention to every passing moment u spend at home?

The problems we all face is because we don’t pay attention to the time that is passing by. Time can not be taken for granted. When u r at home do something which makes u observant of the action u perform. Most of us after getting back home either dive into Facebook, WhatsApp or television. These things makes us numb. 

When u comeback home make sure that u leave ur job worries n memories behind. Indulge ur mind into creating memories that will override the memories created in ur job.

Being at the present moment is the solution to our problem. Once we follow it the balance will be created between our work life and our home life.

Question now arises is how to be in the present moment. Easiest way stop the thoughts. Touch ur palate with ur tongue n thoughts will stop. Now u see time. What do u choose to do with it?  

Meditate everyday after coming from work. This will help silencing the mind so that u can  see time.

Hope this post was helpful. Never forget the power is within. Ur intention is what creates ur reality. Have a great day ahead.

Stay happy stay blessed. 🙂


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