Hello everyone. Hope u all doing good in your life. If not then I hope your struggle will end for ur brighter future. In life there comes a time when we need to decide between the two odds. Weather to accept what we got n settle or to keep struggling for the better.

The awkward moment is when we realize that in our struggle for the better we missed precious moments of life.

 Struggle is bitter when we let it rob us from our time. The time which we could have enjoyed with our friends or on ourselves if we could have chosen the option of settling down. But for some giving up is never an option. If you are also one of them then what’s coming is for you.

Our present creates the future which with the passage of time becomes the past. If the struggling time is average the past never becomes a precious gift. But if the struggling time is magickal then your past becomes your torchbearer guiding u for your future struggles n building your magickal memories.

The term “magickal” bears a great significance. Without it the struggles which u might even win, will not get imprinted on ur soul for the future reference.

What are these magickal moments n how do they create a magickal struggle are worth intriguing. So let’s not waste time and let’s  jump into it.

Magick is the ability that our soul possess and it comes to us naturally as we gain experience with every rebirth. With the magick in your struggle you become one with the universe with your body, mind and spirit in sync. This oneness with the universe helps the magick flowing with every breath u take.

Once u have tasted this magick in ur struggle, u will always yearn for it in ur every struggle. The best part about this magick is that it makes your struggle effortless. In the physical dimensions u might have done a lot of hard work but to u it would be like piece of pie.

Magick is not easy to come. Living in the materialistic world surrounded by worldly temptations and lower vibrations, we tend to lose our touch with our soul. All we become is the I, the ego. But if u able to get the magickal element in ur struggle then u surely has the blessings.

Keep yourself tune to meditations. Try any meditation which draws u to it. It’s about silencing the mind so that ur right brain can syncrohnize ur mind,body n spirit to that of the universe. Let ur intention harmonize with ur intuition for the magick to happen. Do not judge when u r trying to create magick. Left brain is a big no no. Shun the ego n let universe act through u to complete ur struggle. Once the magick start u will automatically feel it. You might wonder how it’s happening, why it’s happening? But leave all these queries behind n just flow with the magick.

Remember one thing, U R SPECIAL AND BLESSED. Trust ur soul n follow ur intuition while u try creating magick.

Hope there was something for all to gain from this post. Keep practicing as one day ur soul will do it’s magick.

The sun shining brightly n the universe being created in his hand is what makes this pic stay as a wallpaper of my phone for months now- Magick!

Stay happy stay blessed.



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