When U go Global by stepping on UR Culture..!


To the minds of the elites diversity is a threat to the unity, whereas to the minds of the poor, diversity is the existence of life.

The world is full of cultural diversity. Cultures have evolved with the passing of time not of one or two generations but of thousands of generations. They are not modern day religion filling itself with evils in the name of fighting ones. They have ultimately stood the test of time giving us our unique personal identity.

The Africans have their ancient culture, the red indians have their ancient culture and the Indians have their ancient culture. The unity can be achieved among them amidst their cultural diversity. But the elites won’t let you think that way.

To become a global citizen as pushed by the New World Order, one must be unencumbered by the baggage of his/her markers of personal identity. As per what I see the term Global Citizen  propagates is the neutralization of you and me to become the perfect slaves of the elites.

The only thing that hinders the objective of the New World Order is our “Culture“. Once we step on it to become Global we lose our true identity. When we start following the ideals of the so called world organizations we become nothing but cogs in the machines run by the elites.

The manipulations of the New world order is so effective that the more you advance in the faulty education system the more closer you get to becoming a global citizen.

Think about it, Why do you see culture in the light of backwardness? Who put this thought in your head that sticking to your ancient culture means being a tribal, a nomad? Who brainwashed you into believing that culture that runs in your body is a poison and the ideals of global citizenship transcending the cultural identity is the medicine? Who made you believe that to come up with a rational decision one must cut off from the influence of culture?

Harmony can coexist with diversity. Take the example of India. Every community from the ancient times have lived in peace and flourished their culture. One must unlearn to understand that Unity comes with the morals of tolerance, peace and harmony. Our ancient cultures have taught us well to coexist peacefully with the nature/universe. They have taught us to be connected to our conscience.

Rejecting the new world order I would say that our cultures makes us more tolerant and peaceful. They instead of making us irrational makes us sensible. For me cultural diversity is a gift which can easily bring unity if we don’t try to become global.

But The elites have propagated through their mouthpieces sitting at influential positions to spread this fear among all, that cultural diversity is a threat to the unity . And since it has hired influential perception molders, we all are under a constant attack.

Some finally gives up by going global and some like me still fighting in the dark trying to plug you out of the matrix.









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