Today is the first day of 2017 and I am spending my morning at home in the lap of nature. The sun is shining brightly bathing me in its warm, golden rays. The leaves are dancing on the tune of cool breeze. The squirrels along with birds have gathered to eat their 2017 first morning breakfast. The moment is perfect for my fertile mind to turn on the laptop and start writing a blog.


In 2016 I had many topics to write on but never had that flow which would make my fingers start typing. But 2017 has started afresh with a great note.

For me a new day starts with the rising sun. The early morning warm golden rays of the sun has it’s own magic to which I am drawn to. For the Indians, sun is not just a body emitting heat and light in the solar system. For us, sun is “Surya Deva”. Everything in universe is living for an Indian mind. There is no non living thing. This is what the mordern quantum theory echoes.Meditation am Feuerhimmel

From my childhood till today and even in future I have loved facing the sun. Even right now I love how the warm sun rays are falling on my face.  It creates a magical moment for me which inspires me to communicate with nature.

Like a 2-3 yr child who is free from any preconceived notions,  finds it easy to talk with animals, birds and nature. The same way nature rejuvenates the child within me. It’s easy to talk to nature if you stop judging yourself of being crazy or not.

The best part about winters is that you can witness the dance of nature DSC_0007.jpgas the sun rises engulfing the whole world with its warm golden rays. Right now there are two street dogs on my terrace who have come to soak the sun rays.

They fear me, I fear their sharp teeth but we still sitting on the same terrace hoping to communicate well “Peace, Harmony is what we both want.”


Nature has always brought a smile on my face. Hope the way my morning is going the rest of the 364 pages will also go peacefully. The same I wish for you all.

Stay happy stay blessed

Following are the link to my post depicting the dance of nature at my home



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