2016- A Bumpy Ride

2016 started with a good news which would take me on a bumpy ride. The good news was that I got a job though not my dream job but a job that could give me money. Apart from money I would be grateful to this job for giving me a good bumpy ride on a rugged path which ended this year with a perfect fall.

2016 was the year of facing the real world, real people at work where money rules, materialistic goals rule and ego rules. For a person like me it was like learning to survive in the real world. I love to spend time alone, with birds, animals, in the lap of nature and people who loves me. Coming out in the real world facing every type of person from low life to average to well cultured is more of a battle.

Though among all these hardships I think I have grown beautifully. For me it’s heart to heart, no manipulations. Simplicity and honesty is what rules me. But 2016 taught me how to mold in the strange atmosphere unless you want to get perished. Though it did teach me how to keep that innocent child with in me warm.

Among all the years I have lived I had time to heal in my own sanctuary- “MY HOME- amidst nature’s lap”. But 2016 never let me stay much in my sanctuary. It was a year of hard training whshamanere the only thing that rejuvenated my continuously draining energy was the faith in GOD. It helped me in making Gods my friends as humans were unavailable.

Human friends are hard to find with whom I can share my problems or stories of the day. At one hand where 2016 gave me hard time, on the other hand it gave me a close friend with whom I could share my problems and their follow ups. This friend was ‘Nandi’- the bull. I would be grateful to him for being a good listener and a great friend with whom I could connect emotionally. He provided the warmth for the child in me to grow.  If I count the blessed moments of 2016, the time spent with Nandi counts. As I recall those moments, my eyes are filled with tears reflecting the intensity of gratitude I have for him.

As 2016 comes to an end, I feel like the ugly part of the battle has come to an end, though the battle is still not over. The mountains yet to climb but it won’t be a bumpy ride anymore. It will be a smooth flow as I imbibe the lessons of 2016.

Surrender to the gods, Let it flow 🙂


Hope you have a blessed 2017.

Stay happy, Stay blessed 🙂


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