Searching in the dark,
The light that must be found,
Before the spiral numb us completely


Lets keep our self warm,
With the memories of the past,
To survive this cold till we search the light


The wolves are howling,
The night is growing colder,
Amidst the chills running down my spine,
There is solace I’m finding in the spiral.

My memories might be fading,
But the darkness can’t numb my imagination,
The spiral may be going downward,
But it seems like the light is near.

Let’s sit with our eyes closed,
Imagining the light that is nowhere to be found,
As we look deeper within our eyes,
The world that we thought was lost, has started to revive

As I open my eyes thinking the sun has risen,
To my surprise the night was of the new moon,
The darkness was still ruling,
But the spiral was gone and the chills were over,

The howling of the wolves sounded more mystical,
As I altered my thoughts with the light I saw inside,
The night remained the same, the darkness still prevailed,
But my perception changed as the light was finally found.



Stay Happy, Stay blessed 🙂




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