A dream to contemplate…!

As the golden rays of the setting sun is painting the walls of my room, I sit to write another post. I know its been long time since I wrote anything but today finally I write again. I haven’t chosen any topic but its a line from my dream that made me contemplate on it for a few days. Let’s see how it unfolds.

Few days back I had a dream in which a mystic asked me to tell my good qualities and I looked at him callously telling him that I’m bad. He smiled and left. Since then I have been trying to come out with my good qualities failing to find any. :p

It not that I don’t have any good qualities but when I look at them I see their opposite also residing in me. If I have warmth in me then I have equally strong coldness in me to break hearts. This duality do not let me say that I am good without acknowledging the bad me. Rather I feel comfort in saying I am bad as the light seems be effortlessly flowing within me without any expectations of proving that it exists.

The light and darkness, the tamas and rajas, the yin and yang are meant to coexist. I don’t know about ‘WE’ but I take myself neither good nor bad. It’s in the moments what I chose, light or dark, good or bad. What I chose leaves its impression on me. The bliss of ignorance is that you will keep choosing one unaware of the other. But in every moment there is a battle between the light and darkness, the good and bad you. Be aware of your emotions no matter if they make you see the selfishness in you at that moment. Acknowledge what you just observed and take a wise conscious decision with your heart in it. With the heart in it you will always be choosing light as LIGHT IS WHERE THE TRUTH IS.

This much is enough. Seems like I got the answer of my dream.

Stay happy, stay blessed 🙂




2 thoughts on “A dream to contemplate…!

  1. People often undermine the power of darkness. Very few accept existance of darkness. You’re right my friend. Embracing both is real knowledge.


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