Reconnecting with N- Nature Nuture

Today while reading some stuff about mysticism I got a notification from wordpress informing me about the booming stats. This made me take a look at my lost blog and I thought why did I blog and why haven’t I blogged in a past few months?

So today I blog again. The theme that I choose is reconnecting with N- Nature n Nuture. For a past few months I have been connecting and disconnecting with Nature- The only CONSTANT in my life. The worldly desire, temptations have their vicious way of engulfing one in its endless spiral.

When I feel that I am trapped in this spiral I try to watch movies related to mysticism which ultimately derives its power from nature. Recently I watched a movie called “The Last Keepers”. There were two dialogues in this movie that created a spark in my heart igniting it to break from the endless spiral.


 “You are not in nature, U r Nature”. “U r not the healer, it’s the love that emnates from ur soul that is the Healer”.

What happens when we lose our connection with the nature, the divine. Well I can’t tell about you but at least for me I become a pathetic being who loses herself and becomes just like any other regular person on the street surviving life.


When I’m connected with nature, I have felt more happy and in a state of helping others. What nature has to offer we can’t even imagine- this area mostly called mysticism.


For me Mysticism is the practical one performed or saw without understanding the theory. The Laws of Universe are quite subtle  that if we have to understand them then all we have to think is in the form of energy, frequency and vibrations. Like the genius Tesla did.


Connecting with nature gives us the power to recharge our heart where the child in us reside.



Stay Happy, Stay blessed 🙂


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