Breathe in the moment..!

When I breathe,
I breathe in the green grass,
I breathe in the sparkling water droplets,
I breathe in the warm sunlight,
Igniting the dormant seeds,
I breathe in the spring after winters.

As days passed by I thought of writing the first post of this new year. But the cold winters would keep the seed dormant. Finally after two days of rain the temperature is getting warmer.58443656

Today I was wondering that if I stop day dreaming and be in the present then what would I think, how would I feel? Some will remember their loved ones, some would remember their arch enemy and some would remember their friends. Strangely for me it’s none.

All I could feel was the warmth of the sun rays and the pleasantness of witnessing the dance of nature. The squirrels busy with filling their tummy, birds of different colours, the greenery I am lucky to be surrounded by and the warm rainwater on my terrace soaking my feet.

All I did was to breathe, breathe in the nostalgia whose memory has not yet formed.


Stay happy, stay blessed šŸ™‚


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