Saving Feminine Energy amidst the Battle of Sexes…!

Feminity is a beautiful gift of God. I feel that if you are born as a female then it’s a GOLDEN opportunity to “serve” your loved ones. I know a lot of women’s ego will get hurt by this line. Don’t worry their was a time  I would have also got angry at this line. ”

How dare you think that women are only meant to be your servant? Serving  husband, husband’s family and children! We have our own life- GIVE ME A BREAK! MY LIFE , MY CHOICE! GENDER EQUALITY  and BLAH BLAH“—LOLZZZ


Women who have kept their divine feminine energy alive within them would smile as they know the value of this golden opportunity. Some of my readers had told me months back to write on this concept but I shied away from writing this post as my own experience in this field isn’t complete. I am still that girl who is carefree before she gets married and becomes responsible- a new life.

What encouraged me to write this post is my conversation with a mother of 9yr old kid(most probably in her mid 30’s). I met her in Hoshiarpur this month during my 10 days Vipassana course.  We were strangers having a small talk when she told me that she do reiki healing. After this we had a real heart to heart talk as I find healing as a part of divine feminine energy and women pursuing healing shows that she has saved her feminine energy amidst the battle of sexes.


I have been blessed with some life changing experiences in the last two years of my life which rejuvenated the dying embers of my feminine energy which had nearly extinguished in my quest for emerging victorious in this battle of sexes- commonly goes by the name of feminist movements.

While having heart to heart talk on womanhood with Mrs. X  she explained me how her life changed from an angry, egoistic(feminist) and successful woman(–principle of a college) into a happy, loving  wife and a mother who would love to serve her husband and family, who would sacrifice herself for her family. Mrs. X would be among those women who would smile at my line of golden opportunity as she knows it’s value.

This change in Mrs. X life came when her husband suffered from a fatal dengue and she had to leave her job in order to take care of her husband. Both are happy and healthy couple now. Mrs. X is a homemaker now and the bliss she feels now was never felt when she was so called empowered.

I wouldn’t write much, leaving this post incomplete for a purpose. For those woman who couldn’t smile but didn’t even frown at my first line and those who want to save their feminine energy in the turbulent times where you are bombarded with ego at every step follow the steps below:-


  1. Reduce your EGO. Use any technique. Like I used Vipassana meditation.

  2. After your ego is reduced then do some SERVING. Like I feed the birds. See how you feel.

  3. Now read the post below as a LITMUS TESTIf you are still frowning then that means you have to redo the above steps.

It took me 6-7 months practice of vipassana to reduce my ego to a level that when I read the above post I didn’t get offended. It was a litmus test for me. Women with inflated egos will never be able to handle this content. The 2nd step was my third step enhancing my understanding with realizations.

I would like to end this post with the words of Mrs. X when I was telling her how looking at birds happily eating the rice I offered them made me realize the amount of happiness a mother gets by seeing her family eating while she serving them food. Mrs. X replied log sahi kehte hain ki jab roti bacha khaata hai paet maa ka bharta hai—english translation–people rightly says that when the baby eats food then it is the stomach of mother that gets filled. 🙂


Stay happy, stay blessed 🙂








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