The moment…!

It’s been months sbeautiful-nature-parksince I wrote. Waking from an afternoon nap I felt nostalgic. The golden sun rays painting my room walls and the dry cool breeze made me feel something that has been felt before. I can say that it is a pleasant and beautiful evening which successfully made me open the laptop and write a post.

It’s the depth in the moment that sometimes make me feel ‘Deep‘.



There are some moments which you feel but you can’t visualize them. It’s like your mind telling you that this moment is special, ‘Wake up sleepy head!’. For me sunlight has a major role in creating such moments. It’s golden rays which illuminates every darkness. It makes the green bright and makes the sky pleasant to feel what has been felt before. All we need is the calm mind which is mindful to see the dance of nature and hear the tunes being played.

I have lot of posts to write but my laziness overcomes everything. :p Well till I fight my laziness, find your deepest moment when nature plays that tune which you have heard before. 🙂


Stay happy, Stay blessed 🙂


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