When you get used to happiness…!

We get used to the things we experience everyday and we do not have the same reaction to them as before. Sometimes I think, what if we get used to happiness? Will it make us feel happy the same before or will it grow mundane.

Today while sitting on the terrace watching the birds, I asked this question to myself, “Do I feel the same happiness while seeing the birds accept and eat the food offered every morning? Or does it now feels nothing?”


Well, such trivial questions are not answered by the mind but by the heart. Mind will get confused and will start digging for the philosophies read by it in school. Whereas, the heart( where the conscience resides) which can never be manipulated will bring the perfect answer from the depth of the deepest ocean.

It’s been months since I’m feeding the birds. I watch them most of days eating and flying away. I admit that now I don’t beam when I see them eating and neither do I get excited with happiness as I’ve gotten used to it. But has it grown mundane?– Naa! 😉

The true happiness can never grow mundane. Though lot of superficial stuff will be removed with time, leaving the peaceful ocean which can not be disturbed easily. I think I’m using lot of metaphors, so now only simple words.
When we experience true happiness(not the one disguised in misery) for the first time we become really happy and excited. We do feel peaceful experiencing it. But when we experience the same kind of happiness again and again, we don’t feel the same way. Few things gets subtracted, mostly the excitement part of it. The things we learnt from the first experience gets absorbed in our psyche with time and then there remains not much new to learn from that recurring experience. But the thing with true happiness- which touches the soul- is that it doesn’t grow mundane. Even after extracting the wisdom out of it, what remains is PEACE. This is peace is not shown by your wide smile or glowing white teeth, but by the serene look on your face.  This serenity and peace is something permanent that emanates from the  soul as you fed it with happiness from a repetitive good action/Karma.

I remember the serene face of my grandmother while she fed us. Her serenity was not dependent on whether we say ‘thankyou’ to her or make her cards. The look on our faces while accepting and eating the delicious food she made for us was enough to fill her soul with repetitive happiness.


Stay happy, stay blessed 🙂


3 thoughts on “When you get used to happiness…!

  1. Hi Shruti,

    Another beautiful post and gr8 pics too. The one in the middle of post ( appears to be u/water photography ) is that by you?

    Another thing rather a request, I have observed that you are good at sending queries ~ suggestions to PMO. would you mind asking the PMO about the latest on Dwarka Excavation ( Gujarat Coast) whenever you are free. Here is an old link for ref – http://vedicilluminations.com/downloads/History/Dvaraka%20research%20stopped.txt

    I would have done this myself but not familiar with the process, or may be a little busy (rather lazy 🙂 ) to do so.


    & yeah stay Happy ~stay happy !!


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