The moment that brought smile on my face…!

Today early morning at 5am, I woke up as I had to do my meditation early coz of lunar eclipse. I had set my alarm of 3:30am and here I was finally waking up at 5am.  As I was getting ready for meditation, I heard the chantings of Hare Ram Hare Ram, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna. It was my brother doing his early morning pooja.

The moment brought a smile on my face as I realized being part of unity in diversity.

My brother is a devotee of Lord Krishna just like my mother. Me and my father are bit different. My father believes in doing Karma(work) and I find my solace in meditation.

In general, there are four different spiritual paths seen,

They are the ways of selfless work (Karma Yoga), of self-dissolving love (Bhakti Yoga), of absolute discernment (Jnana Yoga), and of raised Kundalini meditative immersion (Raja Yoga). The paths are not generally seen as mutually exclusive but complimentary.

There are people who thinks that there is only one way of achieving the divine(call it ultimate truth/God/moksha). They will set a path and make everyone walk on that described path. But the reality is


My brother walks on a Bhakti marga, my father on Karma marga and me on Raj marga. This is the example of multiplicity/diversity. If I am forced to walk on Bhakti marga then I’m sure I will fail and get frustrated. Similaraly, if I ask my brother to walk on Raj marga(path of meditation), then he will fail.
The reality is that we all have different potentials to reach the divine or in other words to spiritually nourish us. My father never tells me to leave meditation and chose his path of karma nor I tell my younger brother to shun being devotee of Krishna(stupid says shun idol worship) and do meditation(the formless). We don’t tell each other that the path we are walking on is superior than the other. Everyone practice in their own way and there is harmony.

To some the reason for harmony would be tolerance but there is a step before tolerance that makes a huge difference. This step is

Acceptance/Understanding– where you understand that there can be multiple paths to reach the single source and everyone  chooses a path based on their potential.

Let me give an example:

I am not good with devotion. My nature is more of an inquisitive person who see things more technically rather than emotionally. For me devoting to someone, be it a teacher/Guru or God is very tough as I lack the emotional factor required in devotion. The only time I have devoted myself to someone is to my Nani(Maternal Grandmother). It was natural, sudden and even after her death, the dark spots that my devotion to her had filled, are still filled. Devotion is something that comes naturally. Your centre of gravity becomes the one who you are devoted to. Devotion heals and nurtures you through unconditional love. My brother has chosen a Bhakti marga coz to him the devotion has come naturally.
There are many people who can not walk on Bhakti marga( coz of their different potential) will never understand this path. Similarly, vice versa too happens. I have seen people walking on Bhakti marga not understanding the Raj marga(meditative marga). Luckily, I have experienced true devotion(pure, unconditional love) and I know how it spiritually uplifts you, making the distance shorter.
My brother do not understand this right now but someday he might. Some questions you generally hear,

Why you need a Guru when you have God?
Why you need an idol when you can directly connect to God?
Why you need God when you have the brains? etc etc..

The moment that brought the smile on my face this morning was the moment giving answer to these questions- the wisdom of timeless Rigveda-

“Ekam Sat Vipra Bahudha Vadanti”–Existence is One, Sages call it by different Names.

एकम् सत् विप्रा बहुधा वदन्ति


A video depicting the above quote practically. The above quote is followed by Indians practically and not theoretically. An Indian might not be aware of this quote but still you will see him practising it. That’s the beauty of India- not a nation but a Holy Bhoomi 🙂

Stay happy, stay blessed 🙂


8 thoughts on “The moment that brought smile on my face…!

  1. I got some disillusioned.
    Previously, I thought Captain stands by his statements that one should not leave his/her country, etc. He gave some of his conversations as an example. [I am sure he even said that to leave is to going against one’s country, in an conversation eg in which he was talking to his colleague.]
    I noticed he praises the NRIs or soon to be NRIs, whose ‘heart beats for India too’. Maybe I am the one who took him and his blog as a Nationalist blog. Maybe its one the diamonds among what the Internet has to offer about Vedic Culture, but it ain’t a Nationalist one for sure. And one doesn’t need to be a Nationalist anyway, its foolishness.
    If goodness isn’t here, then I am going to the goodness.


    1. Hi ishan,
      Captains blog is about truth exhuming and reality is nothing but perception. I am a proud Indian today and no doubt his blogs have a great hand in this transformation.



        1. I don’t give diplomatic answers but a statement which is more broader in outlook. It’s about understanding. My answer is that I don’t find him anti nationalist. People who have become NRI donot become less national. They go for earning money.
          My cousin worked in his hometown and wasn’t satisfied with his earning. There wasn’t much scope here. He got the opportunity to go abroad and work for a company that will give a better life than he could get here. Now he is married n can sustain well. In no way he is less national. His heart still beats for his country but he has to earn and feed himself n his family also.

          It depends on u what is ur priority in life, moreover where life takes u. Heart must beat for motherland.



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