A morning scenario..!

Morning sunshine!

Rises the sun, with a bright smile,

I see it’s warmth with the head held high,

In a moment I hear the chirpings,

I know it’s time to feed the birds,

Which wakes with the rising sun.


The breeze is cool, soon it will warm up,

The birds have settled, soon they will fly away,

As the sun take it’s round, the day will soon turn to night.


I hear the sound of the temple bells,

The world has woken up to a new day,

For some it might be the same old day,

But for me it might be my last day.


The birds have finished eating,

Some drinking water from the earthen bowl,

As they fly away in the woods,

I too leave for  my usual chores.


2 thoughts on “A morning scenario..!

  1. Hi Shruti,

    Good article! Keep up the good work. Be yourself. You’re really good at it, and I appreciate it!

    By the Way, our friendly neighborhood captain has been spamming Justice Katju’s blog like every single day for a few years now. He’s getting funnier and funnier as days go by. If one wakes up early in the morning to bullshit from TOI, do not expect even an ounce of good coming from him. Seriously, he’s a dictator, who will never encourage even a contrary opinion, never mind an opposition party, in his comments sections. I have stopped following him completely. His blogs are not even worth laughing at now. He’s becoming more and more a parody of himself. I really feel sorry for him. All the TOI bullshit that piled up in his head along with the beer he drinks has taken its toll I guess. As soon as I quit his blog, literally snapping out of it, I gained back a quality I struggled to get back, that is, changing immediately and instantly dumping bad habits, and staying strong with determination.

    He’s no bleeding heart patriot. He himself has vested designs. I can smell it clearly from him. He defends Mossad Swamy, and doesn’t have the balls to expose Feku’s Gujju Model. I guess the opening out and exposing of his dhoti in Manipal after the Aamir Khan episode has scared the shit outta him. He talks against Zionists, but defends Tharoor, Swamy, and Mata Amrithanandha Mayi (who is as popular as Triple Sri and goes around the world more), who are supported by Zionists, or are Zionists themselves. Something fishy.

    Lone Wolf.


    1. Hi lw,

      In this world n specially in the area u have landed u will get lot of things, some will please u n some can disturb u. The power that u have is to extract the right amount of balance from the things u face, which will charge u n make u more determined.

      I read capt comments everyday. I extract the things which my mind can handle without getting disturbed. His blog has changed my life. And for that m always grateful.

      There can be vested agenda but that don’t stop me from reading as I have the power of reasoning, where I can form my own conclusions. He has bashed Gujarat model, I have read that comment.

      Take in positivity. Ur devotion will help u to retain positivity n combat negativity which u might get in the field of ur work.

      Stay blessed



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