Wouldn’t you meet the real Saints of modern India?

Bollywood with it’s actors like Aamir Khan takes a huge responsibility to show the con-men saints of India lurking in every corner of the country waiting to pounce on the mentally weak Indians and milch money out of their fear and their blind Bhakti. What they educate Indians and the foreigners who are keen to know about India, is about the blind Bhakti of Indians and the con-men saints, Dhongi babas making moolah. Indians get educated by these movies or not I can’t say but one thing which happens for sure is that already suffering Indians become more self loathing. A great service of bollywood to India and it’s self loathing citizens.

Well it’s time to break this self-loathing trend. It’s time to meet the real modern time period saints of India in whom every soul gets solace. They don’t need Bollywood appreciation or Aamir Khan’s certification for being real. They don’t need much introduction. When you come in contact with them your soul which longs for peace will know who they are for you. Revelations of true Indian saints and sages cannot be done by Bollywood or actors like Aamir Khan as they know zilch about India, zilch about spirituality which only resides in India.

This post is for those self loathing Indians who think that Bollywood depiction of India is the only India. It’s for those who think that every baba, saint in India is a con-man. This post is for those crying Indian souls who are searching for faith, spirituality but their faith is mocked as blind faith and their search for a spiritual guru who will show them the path is mocked as con-men saints by our “wise” Bollywood.

India is the land where spirituality has flourished from the ancient times. Religions developed in India were not on the lines of foreign religions, but on the line of spirituality. Many sages and saints have taken birth from time to time in India and Indians have flown to them for spiritual upliftment. There is a difference between an Indian and a foreigner. The Indian will have Bhakti which none can match up to. It’s in the very DNA of an Indian, be he of any religion. It’s the bend of every Indian towards spirituality which makes this land and it’s citizens unique. Today an Indian might be an athiest but still that seed of spirituality will be there waiting for a perfect time and condition which can only be provided by India-The land of spirituality.

Lets meet a few of modern day saints who have spread compassion, wisdom and helped millions of Indians as wells as people from foreign land to raise their spiritual level.


1. Mata Amritanandamayi- called as amma(mother)


Mata Amritanandamayi from Kerala , India , is a one woman who have hugged 33 million people around the world .  A lot of them needed this ONE single benevolent hug to center them and bring peace into their heart and souls.

For skeptic people here is a bit of science so that you can understand that this is no magic.

“All energy is a vortex– NOT a wave, as you are told in your science books. Scalar waves faster than light can also be generated by balancing the RH and LH lobes of your brain, if your pineal gland is still not calcified.  You cannot measure Scalar waves of 5 dimensional energy with 4 dimensional scientific equipment —and this does NOT make it kirlean camera pseudo science.

Scalar or longitudinal electromagnetic waves come in phase conjugate pairs.–of of which ONE IS TIME REVERSED.  You can call this identical waves, basically a WAVE and an ANTI-WAVE  ( following the laws of Tamas-Rajas ) that are in phase spacially, but out of phase temporarily. Rather 2 identical waves out of phase in time.

Scalar waves follow a mobius pattern on axis just like your DNA. Within the vascular mobius coil, there are subsets of figure of eight along major capillary networks. At the heart , the intersection of venous blood passing through the right atrium, over laps the aortic blood coming out of the left atrium.

This is what Mata Amritanandamayi or the hugging saint does—jump start your blocked chakras with scalar waves from her Mobius coil.  Plasma –the 4th state of matter is a crystal like ionised gas, and a super conductor of electricity–as it has an abundance of free electrons. Plasma can convert a transverse electromagnetic wave to a scalar longitudinal wave.”

– refer to this link to know in detail about scalar waves.

So Mata Amritanandamayi does NOT cheat anybody. She uses scalar mobius coil energy from her heart to heal others. If you have ever done Reiki then you will also learn to heal people with scalar waves.


2. S.N Goenka


“When one experiences truth, the madness of finding fault with others disappears.”— S.N. Goenka

He is the Vipassana teacher who had been grateful for bringing Vipassana from Burma to India. Vipassana is an ancient Indian technique.Vipassana is a surgical operation of your subconscious mind to remove and discard negativity / ego and improve tolerance, grace and kindness. I myself have done vipassana under SN Goenka and I can tell that he is no con-man but a saint though he called himself a teacher who took pain to give this ancient Indian technique to Indians as well as to the whole world.

He died last year in Sept 2013.

To know about Vipassana click the here.

If you are good at Vipassana, then you can also produce scalar waves which can calm a person. I have done it so it’s no superstition or mysticism.


3. Swamy Chinmayananda


Swami Chinmayananda , the great Indian spiritual leader , was once asked how he became a swami.

He said –


Soon after my high school final exams were over, I embarked on a tour of South India with a package tour railway ticket.

When the steam train passed the Tiruvannamalai Temple most of my fellow travellers in the compartment, bowed towards it with great reverence and talk in the carriage turned to the personage of Ramana Maharshi.

Although at that time in his I was a  “a convinced atheist”, the word Maharshi conjured up in my mind  ancient forest retreats and glowing superhuman divine beings and I became intrigued enough to take the next available train to Tiruvannamalai to see the Rishi.

At the Ashram I was told that the Maharshi was in the hall and anybody was free to walk in and see him. As I entered, I saw on the couch an elderly man, wearing but a loincloth, reclining against a round bolster.

I sat down at the very foot of the couch. The Maharshi suddenly opened his eyes and looked straight into mine: I looked into his. A mere look, that was all. I felt that the Maharshi was, in that split moment, looking deep into me – and I was sure that he saw all my shallowness, confusions, faithlessness, imperfections, and fears.

I cannot explain what happened in that one split moment. I felt opened, cleaned, healed, and emptied! A whirl of confusions: my atheism dropping away, but scepticism flooding in to question, wonder, and search. My reason gave me strength and I said to myself, ‘It is all mesmerism, my own foolishness.’ Thus assuring myself, I got up and walked away.

But the boy who left the hall was not the boy who had gone in some ten minutes before. After my college days, my political work, and after my years of stay at Uttarkashi at the feet of my master, Tapovanam I knew that what I gained on the Ganges banks was that which had been given to me years before by the saint of Tiruvannamalai on that hot summer day –

— by a mere look. ( Somerset Maugham who wrote the Razor’s edge is too DAFT to talk about this , as he would NOT even know what a changing human aura is  )


– reference from Capt Ajit Vadakayil blog post.

He died in August 1993. His journey from being an atheist to a whole new spiritual being is an inspiration for all self loathing Indians who have become atheist. Your will to evolve into complete will lead you to the path of fullness. Just believe yourself and your conscience and DO NOT GET STUCK. Atheism is just a stage not your final destination.


4. Maharishi Ramana


He was not a saint but a sage. A saint is a very ordinary guy. A sage is the extraordinary being. A sage does not dream, because he has no polarity. He’s just a witness.

He was the liberated soul, who had freed himself from the cycle of rebirth. The body of the “realized man” or Jivan Mukt  continues to exist until his karmas and prarabdhas ( greater responsibility ) has worked itself out,  and then his mortal coil falls away on his own free will , and he attains Moksha.

Such people have sterling virtues like conscience, lack of ego,  gratitude , lack of desires- selfishness- greed- jealousy- anger- and fear, unlimited compassion, respect for universal laws,  raised consciousness and humility

He walked this planet with the brilliant light that was needed to restore the  Sanatana Dharma of truth and righteousness at one of the darkest times of humanity, totally hijacked and vitriol blinded by big brother of the banking cartel cum British East India Company,  who home grew their own psychoanalysts.

Ramana Maharshi’s simple method of self enquiry and self surrender did away with all the confusing spiritual practices and bizarre Western theories which have muddled the path to enlightenment for hundreds of years.

Carl Gustav Jung said this of  Ramana Maharshi:– “ Sri Ramana is a true son of the Indian earth. He is genuine and, in addition to that, something quite phenomenal. In India he is the whitest spot in a white space. What we find in the life and teachings of Sri Ramana is the purest of India; with its breath of world-liberated and liberating humanity, it is a chant of millenniums…”

Western psychology has not asked a basic question — who am I? ( Nan Yar ? like Ramana Maharshi ) — because that question will destroy the false ego.  And to ask that question means you are entering into the world of meditation, and meditation in other words is a state of no-mind.

-reference from Capt Ajit Vadakayil post- click here . He died in April, 1950.

India is the land of Dharma, the land of spirituality. It has been producing lots of saints and sages to keep the flow of spirituality in the world. Anything you do is for one selfish reason and that is TO BE HAPPY. When you grow spiritually, the happiness grows from within. These saints have helped millions of Indians to elevate spiritually and have brought peace among the people. Don’t let your religion stop you from evolving yourself.

No wonder there are many con-men, dhongi babas in India, but it’s your conscience from whom you need to ask a simple question, M I CHANGING FOR GOOD, M I HAPPY. With this check you can not be fooled and will progress on the path of spirituality aka happiness. 🙂

I am not wrong to say that I am the luckiest person in the world coz I am born in India- the land of spirituality. I wish to be born in India everytime. Dive into true India and see the transformation within you. It’s worth experiencing.


Stay happy, stay blessed


7 thoughts on “Wouldn’t you meet the real Saints of modern India?

  1. Hi Shruti,

    Chanced upon your blog from the link provided by you on Capt Ajit Vadakayil’s blog.Good to see young minds are taking pride in being a hindu and writing about the glories of their religion. We need to bring back our lost “Identity” in youth. It would be a great if you could write down an article on “your transformation from being a hardcore feminist woman to an Indian woman.” Your article would set forth an example for teenage girls and young women visiting your blog who are in shilly shally on whether to remain an Indian woman or to become empowered brave hearts. As you know feminism was created using Hegelian Dialectic principle to brainwash woman and to divest off her inherent feminine qualities.I have read many articles on feminism and know its major consequence in the west-high divorce rates initiated by women in 80-90% cases and also versed with what is happening in in India presently with women of my age.



    1. Hi himanshu,

      Feminist movements have completely brainwashed north Indian women as well as men. What I see through my experience is that it has blocked the capacity of people to look inside n ask at every step that. M I HAPPY? With the increasing dose of ego served by Bollywood, media n brainwashed ego ridden people of society north Indians facing problems of drugs, alcohol, unrest which is an off shoot of feminist movements.
      South Indians are still connected with their culture n women have grace though they may b wearing a Saree n a chappal. I. North India women have physical beauty but that beauty brings vain as they r being uprooted from their true culture.

      I will write a post on it. It is the best evolution I have gone through.



  2. Hi Shruti,

    Rightly pointed out the mentality of North Indians. The biggest hurdle in transforming someone’s mind is making an ignorant accepting his own ignorance and feminists are brainwashed with false ideologies.

    Today’s animalistic society fuels humans’ ego and from ego starts everything-rape, divorce, infidelity, wars etc. Rigveda says-Ego is the biggest enemy of humans. In such uproar, bringing vedic norms in the society is the only befitting solution to make women and men aware of the true meaning of life, love and marriage.

    True Indian websites.


        1. yup, I saw the video u posted. Thanks for that. Got some insight of North Korea.
          I have noticed that R attacks socialist countries as they do not provide international banksters to flourish.



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