What’s happening in Bollywood- Pk reviews

I watched PK movie. Honestly speaking when I watched the movie first time, there were 2-3 scenes where I was supposed to laugh as the movie demanded but I could not laugh as my sentiments were hurt. But overall I did laugh in movie and the message that floats is that GOD IS ONE and if you deny it then please show the THAPPA. Lolzzz! Overall I could say it was a fine entertaining movie.

I saw the movie again as I was also among those people who were bit hurt by some scenes in the movie. I thought maybe I am being paranoid and like other people I should also laugh at those scenes. After watching it again, the humour that worked before on me had dried up and I could notice  some malicious things. These are some things which will not directly hit your mind, but will be dumped into your brains with sublimed messages.

Here are some of my analyses.

A) Creating humour by degrading Lord Shiva

Shiva is one the most important God among the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The movie pk has tried to create humour by showing scared Shiva running away from pk while simultaneously showing the anchor of the stage show talking about the fearlessness of Lord Shiva. The irony sets the scene in humour.  I had laughed first when this Shiva character enters the movie, but later the laughter had turned serious for me.

  1. Anchor saying- shiv jise kisi ka dar nahi (Shiva who has no fear)
    Immediately the scene is shown where the person in Shiva character crying for help and fearing pk.
  2. Anchor says- Now presenting the dance of Lord Shiva
    With this the person acting as Shiva comes out screaming bachayo bachayo (Save me, Save me)and the whole audience burst into laughter not because pk is chasing the person rather he is chasing Lord Shiva(who has been described as fearless by the anchor few seconds ago) who is trying to save his ass from pk.
  3. Showing the later condition of scared Lord Shiva hiding in the crowd hurts the sentiments of Hindus specially the Shiva devotees.

The whole Shiva scene will not produce any humour if irony between the person playing scared Shiva’s character and the anchor describing the fearless Lord Shiva would be deleted.




B) Hindus out of prayer will even worship stones with laal teeka

In another case pk degrades idol worship by creating humour on worshiping idols. He kept a stone outside the college and all students came to pray the stone out of fear of their exam.

He says that a pathar(sone) with lal teeka (red colour on it) is enough and people(hindus-the idol worshipers) will out of fear will go to extend of worshiping stones also.

This hits the sentiments of Hindus who are mostly idol worshipers, mocking them of praying to stones out of fear. Let me tell you one thing about Hindus. We pray to every aspect of nature. Our heads will bend in gratitude towards sun, moon, plants and even stones in which we are able to invoke the feeling of God.

The stone shown in Pk was similar to shivling and any hindu if see such a stone with a lal teeka will invoke the image of shivling which is natural. Mocking on this thing, do you is righteous.

The problem should be with the money that people offer there which the movie could have explicitly said. But the focus of pk shifted from this to another dimension mocking jo darta hai vo mandir jaata hai. Movie did not show the right problem here and simply in the name of social awareness mocked the idol worshiping Hindus.



C) Hindus can be ex-communicated for toeing the line

During the above incident pk says that those who fear goes to temples and then try to remove the rings which father of Anushka is wearing which provokes the father and he slaps pk telling him that Dharm k maamle mein swaal ni uthate, its about faith“(In religion u don’t ask questions). Then Anushka who is a media reporter comes on news channel and says why these people try to curb our voices and do not let us ask any questions against dharma.

–I don’t say anything about other religions that whether people are  tortured if they ask any question against their religion to their heads. But I am can say that in Hinduism you cannot get ex-communicated for toeing the line. No one will kill you or torture you if you asks questions about your dharma. There is an ancient practice of Shashtraths where people with different viewpoints discuss with each other to reach to the truth. Hindus are highly tolerant and many sects has been sprung out of Hinduism due to difference in ideology but no violence has ever erupted. Hindus have always believed that  sarv dharma sambhav… ekam satyam vipra bahudha vadanti

Educating public that you should have the rights to ask questions from your religious heads and religious heads should not torture you if you question the faith of religion is a good thing. But using Hinduism as a tool depicting that no questions to be asked in Dharma, hits the very philosophy of Hinduism. It’s a total lie.  In Hinduism, every individual already has the liberty to ask questions and no one ever got ex-communicated.  If anywhere this practice is done then it is not the part of Hinduism philosophy.



D) Hindu Godmen professing discrimination among religion

Moreover the message shown in the movie is that God is one and we should abide by it and should not create differences between us by saying that our religion god is supreme than your religion god or my religion is superior than yours or this person belongs to this religion or that.

This message is also good. But again the director has used Hinduism to project this example. In the movie the Hindu baba is shown as a person asking pk what his is religion. To this pk tries to spread his pearls of wisdom and teach that hindu godmen that humans have no religion. All are one and the philosophy that you teach to rest of your hindu devotees is wrong. It’s because of the cross connection as you are not connecting the real God.

Pk trying to teach this Dhongi Baba that human beings are born as humans and it’s people like these babas who try to discriminate them on basis of religion. If one is really a muslim then wear is the seal on his body which says he is a muslim. Same for all other religion. This scene makes people conscious and they appreciate pk and ridicule Hindu godman for preaching hatred on the basis of religion.

I don’t know whether other religion possess this thinking that their god is only supreme or they belong to a superior religion and discriminate between people of different religions, but such thing do not prevail in Hinduism. The very philosophy of Hinduism says sarv dharma sambhav… ekam satyam vipra bahudha vadanti  which means that there can be various ways of finding truth but truth is one. It clearly states that god is one. The very philosophy of Hinduism states the human condition and never a community condition. Any situation is described in human terms and not in a hindu person term. Hindus grow with this very philosophy that is why they are the most tolerant people on earth. When jews were persecuted everywhere in the world, it was only India where hindus never discriminated jews on the bases of religion.

But the way pk tries to educate people about equality of religion by showing Hindu godmen in a negative form professing discrimination on basis of religion could not be tolerated as it hits the very philosophy of Hinduism.

It’s wrong to use Hindus and Hinduism to profess a lie in order to educate the masses.



E) Hindu Godmen do not believe that God is one

In the movie director uses a Hindu godman, projecting a negative image of him and pk giving him the advice or pearls of wisdom that God is one.

Hinduism has always stated that God is one but can be described in many forms. It’s defaming Hinduism by showing a Hindu godmen not believing in God is one concept.  To educate the masses that God is one, the director of movie has no right to use Hindu godmen, professing Hinduism , to preach the lie that god is different and then pk has to teach him that see God is one. This a lie and it defames Hinduism by showing that it don’t believe that God is one.

I don’t know about other religions, whether they profess that their God is the only God, but in Hinduism it is always emphasised that God is one. Showing Hinduism by using Hindu godmen in bad light so as to educate the masses about this concept is a defamation of the very philosophy of Hinduism.

This hurts the sentiments of Hindus as Hindus already say that god is one but can be seen in many forms. This scene projects a negative image of Hinduism showing that it do not believe in the concept of one god which is purely false.



F) Idol worship is promoted so that business of people making idols can flourish. Hindus stupid to worship idols as they can directly talk to God.

In another scene where pk  goes to a temple and buys Lord Krishna idol, he converse with the shopkeeper.

Shopkeeper-God has made us all. we have just made his idols.

Pk- Why u make his idols?

Shopkeeper- So that we can pray them, talk to them.

Pk- Is there any transmitter fitted in idols?

Shopkeeper- God don’t need transmitter. He can directly listen.

Pk- if he can directly listen then why u need idols to worship?

Shopkeeper- dhandha bandh karwayega kya!

In hinduism, idols are not taken as idols made of clay. Rather a Hindu while praying to an idol remembers the gunas of that idol and pray. Just like while saluting the national flag, indians don’t salute the stick and the cloth, it’s the spirit of motherland which is invoked by the flag which is saluted.

Shopkeeper saying  dhandha bandh karwayega kya! as a reply to the question of why idol worship if God can directly listen hits the sentiments of Hindus. In Hinduism idol worship did not start with the aim of running business  and making money out of these idols. It is the faith and maligning it on the silver screen by calling it a mere business is an attempt of degrading idol worshiping hence Hinduism which cannot be tolerated.



G) Donations in temples are by force.

In another example, a pujari of the temple catch pk stealing money from the donation box. On confronting him, Anushka slips her wallet in the donation box to save pk. She tells the pujari that pk was trying to take her wallet containing 5000 rs out of the donation box. To this the pujari opens the donation box. He opens Anushka’s wallet and  take out that 5000 rs and put it in the donation box. To this Anushka ask the pujari that why did he put her money in donation box without her permission. To this the pujari shrewdly replied that once money is donated to God, it’s donated.

Most of the Hindu temples do contain donation box as Hindu temples depend solely on the money Hindus who donate according to their will.. There is no compulsion and no pujari like the movie depicts , will forcefully steal your money and put it in donation box.

This very act which is never practiced in any temple, is a act maligning the image of Hindu temples and hits the faith of a Hindu.



H) Hindu Godmen brainwashes Hindus that it is God who says build temples

Though director of pk says that they are hitting at the gap/hatred which religious heads are creating, but they have used Hinduism to a very large extent to potray this. They have created a villain who is a hindu dhongi baba who says that bhagwan kehte hain mandir banayo. In hinduism there is no such philosophy and no such baba says such thing. The villain in the movie says this thing because he is a villain who creates poison in the mind of Hindus against other religion and preaches his Hindu devotees that they should build temples because God has told them to do so. By showing villain which belongs to Hinduism, the movie has shown the wrong concept of Hinduism and has established the wrong notion about Hinduism in the minds of public. Neither Hinduism supports this philosophy nor can Hindus tolerate such maligning of Hinduism on the concepts which it has never supported.



I) Hinduism full of Dhongi Babas (conmen). Do not listen to any saint or sage as they are conmen.

Movie clearly puts Hinduism on bad terms and all the hindu babas are shown as Dhongis. India is the land of spirituality and there are many saints like buddha, mahavir, gurunanak, and many sages who have taken birth in India. Movie one sided potray of dhongi image of all the babas hurts the sentiments of hindus as we have many saints and sages who understand the true meaning of dharma(which has nothing to do with religion/saampradhaya) and are spiritual beings. Putting an image in the minds of public that all babas (that too specifically Hindus) are magicians, dhongis shows that Hinduism as a religion is filled with these con men. It’s not true and we severely condemn it as it maligns the image of Hinduism.


In the end, I would request our bollywood industry that if in future you want to teach the masses about good things then please don’t take a hindu godmen as a villian professing every philosophy that hinduism do not support. This creates impression among ignorant masses that Hinduism is such a backward degraded and hate spreading religion filled with conmen lurking in the dark to thrive on people’s fear.

Well before leaving just one punch for pk. In the movie pk spreading posters depicting lost Hindu goddesses and gods. Could you dare to have images or symbols of other religion on that lost poster?


Since Hindus from the starting have kept questioning the philosophy, practices and rituals of Hinduism unlike what movie potrays, some have got satisfactory answers in this process and some still struggle. I was also one among them. So to all of you go through this post to understand what India and it’s scientific ancient philosophy is all about.


Stay happy, stay blessed 🙂


22 thoughts on “What’s happening in Bollywood- Pk reviews

  1. The only way tosave Hinduism is to tell the real version of it…especially to the kids…for the young age is most receptive and the other elements are targetting it most.
    I comment on Captain’s posts.


    1. Hi ishan,

      you are right that ancient indian knowledge must be taught to young kids as their mind is still in the developing stage. Moreover meditation is must if the depth of ancient wisdom has to be realized. Meditation started at a young age can do wonders. eg understanding Shri yantra with brains is knowledge but seeing shri yantra in 3d form while in trans is where you understand and can truly appreciate the ancient wisdom.

      I also teach my younger cousin. He is just 14 years old and I explain him the true ancient indian works. He is a more proud hindu. When I was at his age I was an atheist and self loathing hindu.
      Times are changing and they are changing for good.

      if an indian understand these 3 posts they will become a proud hindu/indian.

      punch into google search-







  2. Hi elder sister,

    Saw your blog’s link in Captain AV’s site. Pleased to meet you. I am a devout Saivite from the state of Tamil Nadu. I just read your blog today. I understand you. It’s quite sad that our own PM has turned out to be yet another impostor (I dearly miss the era of Raja Raja Chola I). I usually don’t bother watching pointless films and wasting my precious time (the last film I saw was somewhere last year, and before that, in 2004), so I won’t bother slamming PK either. With Feku at the helm, we have to think strategically like great Shivaji Maharaja now. Why not we entice the Hindu (from hereon, I will use the word Dharmaite, ‘Hindu’ in Persian means slave or thief, though the Islamic invaders stole from us) population of India to quietly boycott such films instead of watching, criticizing and then drawing more attention to them? The producers earn more through haters than through lovers. A silent boycott of Bollywood like me will definitely help, or at least I hope. In this respect, I do not even watch TV shows, leave alone films.
    I also want to give you a few other pages I found a bit interesting:
    I can’t seem to be able to trust Swamy at all. Something is fishy with him too. I guess we ourselves have to take this into our hands. Let me tell you, I’m not Sri Lankan, but what happened to the Tamils there wouldn’t have happened had PM Indira Gandhi lived on for 6 more years, and neither Kashmir. Mossad played their dirty games in Sri Lanka. I’m fuming mad at them for screwing us (Tamil and Kashmiri) both indirectly.
    Also, read this:
    Sister, I daily pray to Almighty Shiva that you Kashmir Dharmaites get back your paradise in Kashmir valley (word of mouth from my mom, but believe me, I’ve never been there, or in this case, outside the 4 walls of my room at home). It was so sad to watch your kin lose their home in such a horrific way, and even more maddening, the oblivion of the media and the nation to their dismal state. I will continue praying to Almighty Shiva as I have always done since knowing of this earlier this year (sorry for being so damn late, I’m just 21).

    Thanking You.
    Iniyavel Sugumar.


    1. Hi iniyavel,

      I am not a kashmiri pandit but a Dogra of jammu origin. Kashmir and Jammu are different. But I have seen the horror in the eyes of kashmiri pandits specially the adults who have become grandparents now. The picture of massacres are still vivid in their eyes and they had waited more than ten years before selling their properties in Kashmir so that they can make jammu their home.

      Media no doubt is R funded along with bollywood whhich runs on islamic funds, with the stooge censor board director Leela samson(bene israeli) who have passed movies filled with dirt.

      You are right we need to wake up and I can see people waking up. Till hindus will remain self loathing which bollywood, media, NCERT books have made sure of , Indians will never feel the sense of pride which will come from the sense of belonging.

      To me apart from hindus, even every non-hindu Indian is also a self-loathing hindu.

      Like ajit says, that if an indian understand these 3 posts they will become a proud hindu/indian.

      punch into google search-





      Times are changing and I can feel it. Kalki avtar like ajit said wouldn’t be in human form but in a higher conscious mass awakening form. Lets hope for best and keep working for it.

      And Modi is a DESHBHAKT which I am sure of, he has RSS training and RSS instills u with patriotism towards ur mother land, lets give him time but at same time not close our eyes, we too have duties for bharatmata.



        1. Hi Ishan,
          I can’t allow abusive word otherwise it will create fights which I don’t like. But I have told him what u wanted to convey. Ppl can be sceptic but I too trust modi, he is a deshbhakt.

          I hope u understand.



  3. I saw pk again today and I was kinda shocked that the Shiva scene has been deleted. But then this was expected as a lot of hindus say their sentiments have been hurt. I dont want to offend any hindus out there, but I just want to make a point and I hope you guys can think on it and if you differ then please lemme know.
    I dont think that the whole idea of putting that shiva scene was to make fun of the great Lord. Infact it potrayed something I have always wondered. No other religion – Islam, Christianity etc etc allows any human to enact being their God… Then why does hinduism? I mean Lord Shiva is a great God. Destroyer, Fearless. Then why do you guys allow some human who stands nowhere near the Lord, to act like one. Isnt it indirectly insulting the great power of Lord Shiva (or Lord Krishna.. etc etc)?
    Please think about it. People are objecting to the guy using the toilet and running around… But isnt it what we humans do? If i send my child to school dressed up as Baby Krishan.. and my child gets scared, the way he will behave (while wearing the costume) will be a huge disrespect to the Lord… So why do such a thing? No other religion allows humans to enact as God… I really hope that someday hindus stop doing it too…
    I am sorry if i have hurt someone’s sentiments as religion is a very dangerous topic to talk on…. But please think about it.


    1. hi al,

      First of all this thing must be clear that we hindus are IDOL WORSHIPERS. All our Gods have a story which for an ordinary person might be a story from which he learns their virtues and tries to bring in his life. but for a perceptive person they have deep pregnant meaning. Stories keep the tradition alive. That is why we enact plays depicting the stories like in Ramleela, Krishna jhaanki on Janamashtmi to keep stories and their virtues alive.

      Use of Lord Shiva character in the movie is for the humour purpose. If u watch urself carefully while laughing at the lord shiva scene, u would realize that it’s not the person playing the Shiva character on whom u r laughing. U will clearly see that its the irony in the qualities of shiva being spoken of and simultaneously opposite being enacted by the person. While laughing nobody is laughing at the person, change his look and try to laugh, humour won’t be produced or keep the character but remove the scenes singing the praises and qualities of shiva, again u won’t find urself laughing.

      We use plays to depict the virtue, righteousness of our Gods which is woven in the story which no dimwit has the right to use for creating humour by degrading the character for sake of masala.

      Shiva is one of the force field among trinity of Brahma / Vishnu/ Shiva OR the creator – mediator- destroyer.We have personified our gods .The earthy avatars of Vishnu, one being Krishna are personified. The allegories of Sanatana Dharma are meant only for the perceptive. We have not seen many perceptive sanskrit scholars lately.

      We allow people to act as God in plays so that person can show the gunas of the God he acts and people can be inspired by those Gunas and try to bring them in their life. Visuals are more effective in motivating. If ur child get scared and behave like a scared person while wearing a krishna costume has nothing to do with the issue. Deliberately presenting such things on silver screen for moolah is what is a bad karma. They have done it intentionally, they have sown bad seed and will reap it also.



  4. Lets just agree to disagree Miss. Islam, Christianity are pretty old religions too… And their followers have faith in God equally without any need of such “visuals.” As a matter of fact if visuals are all that you think are required to create an influence, then you can take the help of animations. I dont know about anyone else for I can speak only for myself, but I laughed at that scene like hell. The only thing that I found hilarious was “omg! Pk thinks this poor guy is Lord Shiva!!!” The lady announcing inbetween, truth be told I did not find funny, infact I dint even pay attention to it, for I was too eager to see how pk reacts further. I guess its maybe because I am not a hindu, so I wasnt lookin at the things from a critical view point. As for “bad karma,” my religion says that forget about others, focus on what you do, for when the time comes, you will only have to pay for what you have done… Everything else is God’s business.


    1. I don’t care dear whats ur religion coz the laws of cosmos/universe (in ancient India called as Dharma )are same for all the beings.

      Hinduism is nothing but the ancient tradition/culture of ancient India which are carried by people whom world call as hindus. To make modern minds understand then let me say in ur language:-

      Hinduism is the worlds first religion — all the rest are recent ones.

      we do NOT care what other religions do.


  5. The ninth guru of Sikhs got martyred just to save the Kashmiri Hindus. Everyone knows it. I think this is a great example set for the whole world that for a saint, every person is equal, irrespective of religion/caste/cread. But this is not what I see around now a days. 99.9% of people have indeed made religion a money making business. And the rest 0.1% are really not gonna be bothered about all this. If you have the time, read the works of Saint Kabir, Baba Farid, Bhai Ravidas ji etc etc… You will then realise that they were way above all these wordly businesses. They were saints in the true sense. They themselves say that even if someone kicks u, go kiss their feet. I really dont want to offend anyone here, but I am least bothered about what everyone has to say, because for me – its only between me and my Lord and my God knows that I dont take pleasure in insulting other religious beliefs.


  6. SUBJECT : Censor Board will not remove any scenes from Aamir Khan’s ‘PK’: Leela Samson
    Leela Samson is the Jewess who called 90% of the censor board an EMBARRASSMENT and UNEDUCATED . Censor board Chief Leela Samson was later forced to apologize. Leela Samson has NIL cinema back ground and has never been of the silver screen.
    Times of India, had once commented that she ran Kalakshetra “according to her personal whims with little regard for rules.”
    She is the one who removed Ganesha idols from the Kalakshetra campus which adorned the campus since 1936 , installed by Rukmini Devi Arundale.
    Nritya Ganpati is the 15th form of the 32 forms of Lord Ganesha. Nritya Ganpati literally means ‘Happy Dancer.
    Leela Samson ordered the prayers to the deity to be stopped, and the clothes adorning the dieties were removed.
    Leela Samson has proceeded on a plan to detach Bharata Natyam from its traditional roots, under the guise of secularization.
    In a morning assembly, Leela Samson told students that “idol worship is superstition” and should be discouraged at Kalashetra.
    The certificate that Rukmini Arundale designed had the emblem of Shiva on it – the present certificate has been changed and is without any Hindu symbols.
    Leela Samson has also undervalued the hindu puranas and symbols to the point of ridicule, comparing them with Walt Disney characters, Batman and ‘the strange characters in Star wars’.
    The certificate that was designed by Rukmini Arundale with Narthana Vinayakar and the emblem of Shiva on it has been changed and the present certificate is plain without any symbols.
    These changes have been made by Jewess Leela Samson without taking permission from the Board of Directors of the institution.
    Who knows Shabhana Azmi or Teesta Setalvad will be the next censor board chief , if the waitress was in power.
    Nritya Ganpati has a mantra :
    Kalhaara shali kamalekshuka chapa bandanta
    Prarohakagadi kanakojwalangaha
    Alinganaodhatakaro harithangashtaya devya
    Karotu shubhaha murdhva ganadhipo mey!!
    why is censor board chairman leela samson and the I&B minister allowing all this?
    OH , I forgot our BCCI man, Arun Jaitley supports homosexuality and gay marriages .
    Capt ajit vadakayil


  7. Hey Shruti,

    Many say omg(paresh rawal starrer) was executed better. But out of things that you explained so elaborately, many point to omg as well. So how is PK any different?

    It talks of godmen, money made through idol worship; rightly pointed as investment and return. Same is portrayed in omg too. Personally I liked omg better.
    But I feel, as amir khan is in movie, PK is getting unwanted attention.
    Your take on this?


    1. Hi Shreyas,

      The benami foreign funded main stream media will keep on rambling that Omg was worse than pk but pk getting unwanted attention coz aamir khan(a muslim) is in lead role. If u are wise and aware of how media works then u will see that it is the media’s usual stunt of PERCEPTION MANAGEMENT. They will feed u with their opinion by jumping on tv screens while conducting debates and flashing news which ends with ‘?’ than a fullstop and thus molding ur perception.

      The time when I watched Omg, I was a self loathing ignorant Hindu/Indian who knew nothing about my ancient India and thought it was full of backwardness and superstition. I loved the movie as it clearly showed the money making business by exploiting the faith of the masses.

      Today, when I am a proud Hindu/Indian who knows about the true ancient India, I still find Omg a good movie with a clear message. Though when it came to mantra chanting, they were wrong, but still I won’t mind as at that time every Indian used to think that Sanskrit is a shepherds language. Now NASA backing up Sanskrit as the most scientific language and the concept of Cymatics, I hope Indians will become aware of the importance of mantra chanting. DON’T EXPECT BOLLYWOOD TO MAKE THEM AWARE OF IT!

      Read these to understand power of Sanskrit mantras:

      Coming back- Pk stands nowhere when it comes to teaching people about business by exploiting faith. Now lets do a simple comparison where they try to show the business when it comes to idol worshiping:-

      OMG- paresh rawal himself makes lot of money by making people buy idol worth 10rs of 5000 rs by making them believe that a particular idol is ancient and powerful.

      (Well message is quite clear and we are now aware when we by any idol)

      Let’s see how pk dealt with this issue:-
      pk- Why u need idols if u can directly contact god.
      Shopkeeper- dhandha bandh karwayoge kya?

      (The only message that I get from this dialogue is that seriously if we can directly contact god then why do we need idiols.)

      Same is the instance with college students worshiping stone. Read my post I have mentioned that clearly.

      Omg has taken a balanced view while dealing with Dhongi babas. It has shown a real saint also. U may ask what happen when a real saint is also portrayed in the movie while showing the dhongi ones- well read my post below u will get a feeling which pk like movie can not generate,


      Coming to Pk, do u know who is enthusiastically promoting Pk- its SWAMY AGNIVESH, WHO IS AN ATHEIST fooling hindus by wearing saffron robe. He talks so high of Vedas when he know zilch about vedas.

      Why do u think that he is such a darling to deshdrohi news channel NDTV?

      Times have changed and we hindus/Indians are more aware. They can’t do perception molding now.



  8. Great post. My views on PK-
    My opposition to PK is due to these:
    Do you believe advertisements work? You have common sense and you can make out what is right and wrong, right? Then why do advertisements work? Why cola companies spend billions in these?
    Answer is – They work at subconscious levels.
    I know a bit about subliminal messages, subconcious programming etc.

    My main problem is with these. Hence I oppose PK.

    It is in continuation of patterns of mocking Hinduism’s practices. It is about slow and subtle brainwashing, as I can see with responses from ‘liberal people’. As I can see ‘the liberal ones’ already have decided that those oppose are blind followers of some baba or have some financial stake.

    No. I do not gain anything by protesting, nor my business interest is at stake. I am not part of any cult – even the good ones.

    In short -these liberals make opinions about people who oppose rather than considering the points raised. I consider that the ‘liberals’ themselves are blind followers of Aamir and Hirani baba .

    PK questions core practices in Hinduism and only peripheral ones from Islam and Christianity. It directly ridicules ‘nature worship’. It spreads misinformation about idol worship. The idol worship is not about worshipping idol. It is worship “through idols’. There is a big difference. If it made the point, I would have had no problem on this front.
    and, rituals are not worship. But they are there as ‘boot up/ warm up’ exercise. Like if you want to use facebook, you need to boot up your PC, open browser etc. If any ritual is harming others prima facie, lodge a complaint and govt should act. Otherwise, do not bother.

    I ask the followers of Aamir baba these:
    1. What is the difference between faith and blind faith?
    2. Why just accept that God made us? Isnt this superstition?
    3. In what I believe – there is no God. There is no scientific proof from any space vehicle that a superman sitting and creting the world. We made the Gods in order to attain mental peace. God is energy and the most sub-atomic element. It needs a form to worship because human senses need a shape.
    Isnt the movie against the faith I just stated above?
    This faith – whatever you call it – does not comform to desert religions. PK comforms to Christian and Islamic philosophy. Most ‘educated’ in India have no roots in eastern philosophy. By being blind followers of PK kind of movies, they make firm opinions about religious practices and will indulge in killing what they think is wrong. This is essentially fundamentalism.
    3. There is practice of nature worship. Do you guys know anything about it?
    4. It takes clever examples which can not be logically opposed, but have subconscious effect. ex: cow worship. The example there was correct. But it has effect beyond the example – of discouraging cow worship.
    If you see how this kind of campaign has affected us – for working against animal cruelty, we are very comfortable with saving street dogs. The same with cows- no. We do not want to do it.

    This is why I oppose PK and the likes – who make blanket statements about what is right and wrong. Also have subconscious effects knowingly or unknowingly.


    1. Hi indieboy,

      Cows have nil ego n if u go near them they have the ability to centre ur mind, hence making u calm n composed. Everyone in this world wants a balanced mind so that they can excel in life n be happy. Most of our energy is lost coz of chattering n negative mind.

      One of my friend has a desi cow (Indian Vedic humped cow)and I told him to give her food everyday n spend sometime with her caressing her and be grateful to her.
      The day he started doing this he started feeling centered, had increased concentration, could study well for job interviews n exams. What I say is that he started experiencing the benefits of a balanced mind.

      If u r going to get a job late in ur life then it’s better to avoid going through hell during ur struggling period. Cows make sure u don’t grow through hell.


      Read this post on Gratitude to understand the essence of our ancient Vedic rituals which have gratitude woven in life.


      Gratitude expels the ego n help u grow as a human.



  9. And my dear friends having a companion in any form is no way related to worshipping out of fear… Problem is human is weak and coward.. He is afraid of the situations around him and easily breaks down.. Situations compel him to believe in all these shit around us


  10. I am an atheist and find this movie funny after watching it. But in the name of mocking superstition, the movie indeed went a bit far.

    I also find this movie a tad absurd not because it mocked Hinduism, but because it didn’t show many things which can educate people. For example, PK simply mocked idol worshipping, but it didn’t mention that idol worshipping isn’t mandatory in Hinduism and there are various ways to worship God.

    There’s one line in the movie, i.e, “Jo daar tha hai yahi mandir jaa tha hai”, which was nice but I’d have agreed with it if the movie had said same thing for Mosque and church. Pretty saddened nothing was said with regards to ‘Jihad’ which has become headache for the world

    All in all, as an atheist, I think the movie was really funny and nice, but it ignored the bad practices of Abrahamic religions.


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