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Some of my readers might be wondering that “Is this a hate post?” because of the above picture. Well don’t expect me to write a hate post coz when I write I am mostly in happy mood and my mind fully or partially balanced depending upon my day and strength of my meditation. I have used the picture of a demon above as I can see that most of the people find pagans as ugly, backward and demons whom they must finish off. Well here you got one. 😀

I am not a religious person thus I am not a fanatic. I am more of a human being who gives spirituality more preference. For me laws of nature/universe(Dharma) which are binding on every being is more important than following those customs and beliefs which suits the ideology of a particular religion saying “mine is more superior to yours”. Recently, I came across this term called “PAGANS”. Most of the people of other faiths bashed the pagans calling them filthy, backward, and SHAITAN(demons) which must be killed to bring peace on earth. Due to my little knowledge of religion, I was bit confused about this term. Who is this pagan the world is after? I googled and to my surprise, I realized that Lollzz! IT’S ME. 

I am a Hindu and I am an idol worshiper. We actually are not only idol worshipers but we also worship nature. So those who are engaged in hating the pagans should add “nature worshipers” to their definition. Since we didn’t gave up our ancient Indian/vedic ancestry so we don’t have any modern and compact religions like others to boast about. Sorry! We can’t join your club.

Hinduism is not for dimwits to understand. Those who have tried their egoistic brains to understand it has found themselves in a pity condition. Some could not make head and tail of it and some just didn’t give a damn as it requires one to BE A HUMAN FIRST TO UNDERSTAND HINDUISM.

I will spill some beans about few idols we Hindus worship and if you will have that kind of brain, mindset and spiritual level you will want to know more. If you won’t be able to understand it then you can go back to your bashing parade atlast don’t put much pressure on your delicate brain.

It’s just 0.0001% of the knowledge of Hinduism. So let’s see:-

We have Dvaita form of Hinduism/ Dvaita Vedanta the symbol of which is our Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva or the creator – mediator- destroyer. It is also represented by the Trident ( trishul ) of  Lord Shiva’s Trishul, where the centre prong SATTVA is the midpoint of duality,  between TAMAS and RAJAS . It represents the organization of primal energy , the foundation of universal laws , relativity , stability of nature. The law holds together the endless spiral of galaxies . It is a cosmic spiraling dance of  separate opposing forces, like Ying/Yang, particle/wave, which sustains this universe. No life is possible on earth without this subtle tension . Yang elements are clear and obvious while Yin elements are subtle or hidden behind the quantum screen.. What has a front has a back– what has a beginning has an end.
It is a perfect tango of dynamic balance where one polar opposite changes into another smoothly and constantly . If the restraining balance or equilibrium is lost , the universe will spiral out of control and end.


This principle of Dvaita Hinduism — Tamas Rajas , which are rooted together , is present in every phenomenon on earth., where energy transforms from one to another—it can neither be created nor destroyed.

 Your mind must be spinning. Let me give you a little of Advaita form of Hinduism/Advaita Vedanta. This might hold the interest of all those religions who don’t worship idols. Here is what you actually worship:- 

The Advaita ( unity ) form of Hinduism looks at God , as BRAHMANA— the Intelligent morphogenetic consciousness field , the akasha /ether at the macro level or  the space between the whizzing electrons in an atom at the micro level. Matter exists because of this intelligent force which holds the spiraling electrons in its orbit — for if it drops or rises one single orbit the matter changes into something totally different.

 The Advaita form is incomplete in expression without the inherent Dvaita ( dual ) form of Hinduism. It is in this brahmana that these trinity forces play.  

We have personified our gods for easy consumption. The earthy avatars of Vishnu are personified. The allegories of Sanatana Dharma are meant only for the perceptive. WE have NOT seen too many perceptive Sanskrit scholars lately. The concept of natural law (Dharma) provides the basis for understanding questions of how life on earth should be lived.  The sages urged humans to discern this order and to live their lives in accordance with it. But due to so called modernity we choose to ignore it and loves bashing those who still live according to the laws of nature.

I am sure most of you might have lost your track. The above information might have gone like a jet plane above your head. Those looking for some kind of religious stuff have been trolled. Like I said, Hinduism is not for dimwits to understand. The first condition to understand Hinduism is to be a human first. All this is beyond the intelligence of the people who ridicule Hinduism or what the bashers say PAGANS- THE IDOL WORSHIPERS. Lollzz!

Those receptive minds who understood the info can move to below links to understand Hinduism..Nay.. To understand how the laws of universe works or to understand DHARMA.

Stay Happy 🙂

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