Indian festivals- Cut the ego, Be grateful.

No one said it better than Swami Vivekananda:

The Hindus celebrate nature & justice,
You can’t unite them with “Religion”.

Indian culture and festivals are all about celebrating life, nature and justice. The fanatic minds, slaved to see everything through the prism of religion can never understand the essence of Indian culture. Indian festivals brings bonhomie in the environment.

Hindus celebrate nature and justice all through the year through festivals. They worship nature and it’s universal laws. There is a scientific back in all these festivals but today I won’t discuss about it. Today I will write about the emotional impact which these Indian festivals bring among the people celebrating them.

It’s a fact that being grateful makes the person happy. Gratitude is the key to be happy. Gratitude is an antidote of ego. A family is a happy family if all the family members are filled with gratitude. Most of the Indian houses, which have not been blown by western thoughts breeding ego, still follows the Indian culture of gratitude.

 An egoistic mind can never understand an Indian home. Ego never brings happiness but good at creating wedge in the society. I am going to describe an Indian home and if at the end you still feel like shouting the slogan of “We want equality” then you understood NIL.

Younger touching feet of elders

The head of the house is always the father. But the father do not get egoistic about his position. He knows that he supports the family. The mother knows that without her, the family won’t grow but this do not bring ego in her. Both are filled with gratitude towards each other. A family where husband and wife are grateful to each other and not egoistic about their positions is a true home for the children to grow. Karvachauth is one of the festival which celebrates this gratefulness between the husband and wife. Those activist who cries for 50-50 in terms of  gratefulness by asking husbands to keep fast and touch the feet of their wives, are destroying their lives with ego. Mind you, one needs to lower his/her ego in order to feel the bliss of being grateful.

The children touches the feet of their parents. The ego-ridden minds will see the plan of setting authority of the parents in the house. But the grateful mind will see the flow of blessing from parents to their children. In order to touch the feet of your parents you have to bow. An egoistic person finds it hard to bend. Only a mind filled with gratitude can bow and touch the feet of his parents.

We Indians celebrate Lohri, where we worship Fire. By worshiping fire, we are being grateful to it for sustaining our lives. Hindus head do not bow only to one, but bows in front of all those who feed us and nuture us. We do not bite the hands which feed us. This is called being grateful.

Yesterday was Diwali and tomorrow is Bhai Dooj. It is one of the festival which strengthens the bond between sisters and brothers. You can see that we have lot to celebrate. 🙂 That’s the beauty. In this festival, a sister keeps fast for her brother’s long life and breaks her fast by applying tilak on his head. In Jammu, we call this festival as Tikka. Like I had mentioned in my previous posts, that I had ego-ridden mind for past many years and such festivals used to hit my feminist side.  Though I have always celebrated it but my ego never made me happy while celebrating it. It was a mere ritual for me as I was born as a Hindu.

But this time things have changed. Due to my good Karmas my egoistic feminist disease has been treated. Now I can feel the bliss of being grateful. On Bhai Dooj, I will pray for the long life of my brother and why wouldn’t I? While applying the tilak I will be filled with love for my brother though we fight most of the times. There will be the feelingof gratitude from both sides. My love for my brother and the feeling of being loved by his sister is the essence of bhai dooj. Love can never originate from ego but only  from gratitude. Thus, a festival celebrating Gratitude.

In the end I would say, that try being grateful to all those beings who makes your life worth living and see the amount of peace you feel.

Stay blessed, Stay happy 🙂

Be grateful!


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