Being Grateful- A source of Joy

Recently, I realized a new source of happiness and I thought of sharing it with you guys. This source is called gratitude. As the mind becomes calm and balanced, the person becomes more grateful to others. I have realized that being grateful brings happiness and peace to the mind and matter.

A week ago, I came to know about the use of copper vessels for storing drinking water. My grandmother used to have utensils made of copper,brass,silver. Ayurveda recommends storing water in copper utensils.  Nano-copper particles are non-toxic.  It is an algaecide, fungicide, anti-microbial and antiseptic . It helps form red blood cells and boosts the immune system.  This cleaning of copper pot with tamarind causes copper colloids to leach into the water overnight.  Algae, viruses , E coli and many other pathogens are killed.  This anti-oxidant water takes care of free radicals and hence is anti-inflammatory.

All this was known to India since 6000 years ago. At my home also we used to store water in copper utensil at night, to be consumed early morning. Unfortunately, the Indians have forgotten the science behind using copper utensils. Instead we have started using stainless steel utensils which is more shiny and so called modern to look at but good at sustaining the life of harmful bacteria and viruses.

Our ancestors used to throw copper coins in rivers,lakes,ponds and wells. They made this as a habit to their future generations. Even we have this habit of throwing coins while passing from the bridge. But we are ignorantly throwing nickel, aluminium coins into rivers,which is useless. The idea behind throwing coins into water is not about blindly worshiping the river but to kill harmful bacteria in water with copper(as olden days had copper coins) and this purified water will be useful for fish and other living beings inside. Also humans or animals which drink this water will remain healthy.

Most of the Indian houses have an earthen pot which is kept at the pillar supporting the main gate.



We keep these pots filled with water for the birds to quench their thirst. When I came to know that our ancestors used to throw copper coins in rivers and lakes as it purifies the water thus helpful for birds and fish, I tried to do same. In the above earthen pot you can see a copper plate at the bottom of it. It’s been a week since I have put this copper plate. I haven’t changed the water but added more to fill it the brim. There is no algae developed and the water looks more clear.



Whenever birds comes now to drink the water, I feel more happy as I know that they will be healthy after drinking this water. I feel grateful to my ancestors that they gave us this knowledge.

I do not tell my father that the birds are drinking healthy water now because “I” have put the copper plate in the pot. I makes sure that ego do not come. Where there is ego there is fanaticism and no happiness. The peace which comes by being grateful is more potent. It fills you and the people around you with joy. It seems like I will never be able to repay the debt of my ancestors. But I will make sure that their knowledge is passed on to future generations so that the whole humankind can take benefit from it.

Stay happy, stay blessed 🙂

Links to know more about copper:



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