Problem solving attitude!

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Life is beautiful. Life is like sunshine, nourishing our soul with it’s warm and healing sun rays. Happiness is the essence of life. It is a dream which everyone consciously or unconsciously strives for. It can’t be found outside. It’s from within. It’s everywhere if it is felt inside. Uplift your mood. Play a song that makes you happy.

Life has lot of experience to offer. If we have to work on the ground level then lot of problems going to come. Reality is grim. World is falling apart. We can’t even behave like ostriches, keeping our eyes shut and say everything is all right. Happiness can not be found with such attitude.
What if we acknowledge the reality and try to solve the problems. Either we will solve it with peace or with anger, hatred, ill will and animosity. The choice is ours. The problem exists and needs to be solved. We can not be oblivious. If we shut our eyes and say everything is fine then their is a high probability we won’t live. We may be able to survive the wrath of the problem we face but we won’t be able to live with dignity.
The problem needs to be faced. But facing it with hatred, anger and animosity will do no good to us. With this attitude we might end the problem but it will create new other problems. With anger and hatred problem can never be solved from it’s roots.
Life demands to solve or fight a problem like a gladiator. But we must not only be a gladiator. The problem needs to be solved firmly but with no hatred, anger, ill will and animosity. While solving the problem if we are at peace, balanced,calm and composed then the long lasting success will come. The problem will be eradicated from the roots. We fight like a gladiator but with a soul of a yogi. Like a yogi, detached from the problem, not letting our emotions be imbalanced with the problem.

This is how problems are tackled. Shutting your eyes from the problems will never solve the problem and wouldn’t let your happiness last forever. Having a body and soul of a gladiator won’t uproot the problem and won’t give you peace and happiness. But having the body of a gladiator and the soul of a yogi will not only uproot the problem but also give you an everlasting peace and happiness which every living being dreams of.

Don’t be impatient in solving the problem. Ask yourself can you fight the problem without getting impatient and angry. Ask yourself, while fighting your problem is your mind calm and composed or you get imbalanced and impatient. Are you in peace even while facing a violent situation. If the answer is yes then kudos you have the right problem solving attitude. But if the answer is no then don’t worry. Just step back and spend sometime working out on yourself. Practice techniques like Vipassana that will help you to balance your mind. Then once ready to can jump into the problem and uproot it successfully.


Be Balanced. 🙂


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