Overcoming failures – Discipline yourself!

You got a dream and you are adamant about living your dream. But in this journey failures are bound to come. Failures can come due to lot of reasons. Failed decisions, failed effort and failed effectiveness. But there is a sword that can cut through all your failures. This sword is of ‘Discipline’. Only those who continuously work towards their goal ultimately taste success. Consistency in your work is must. Even if you fail to wake up at 4am today, you must make effort to wake up at 4am next day. There is probability that you might fail the next day too. The realization of failing can itself become the biggest reason for this series of failures.

In spite of the series of failures if your heart still beats for your dream then you will make another attempt.  But in such a situation, to make a failing attempt and not to make an attempt at all is same. But has same effect on your mental state.

To cut this series of failure and come back on the track one needs to discipline his/her life. If your day starts at 4am then you must discipline yourself to wake up at 4am.

How to use discipline to come out of failures?

When we are working towards the manifestation of our dream we tend to follow a particular routine. This routine can be based on time management or the order of doing the things. If my day where I start working for my dream starts at 4am then if I deviate from it then chances of failing becomes high. It is so because you feel a sense of failing at the very start of your journey. Failing in the start can make you lose the whole day you have.

To avoid such failings one must be disciplined. If it’s 4am then it is 4am. You drag yourself, do whatever but wake up. Failing in the beginning of a journey may not let you take the second step. You need to be very careful.

At the end I would say that if you have a dream to live you are lucky. But to fulfill it you require will, action and determination. And the weapon to avoid or to come out of failure is ‘Discipline’. Discipline yourself to cut through this series of failure and start living your dream. 🙂


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