Waking up from a deep slumber!

Never leave anything for tomorrow.
There is no starting or stopping, only ‘doing’.
Every new day is a chance for you to work for your dream.
There should not be even one single moment when your actions are not defining your dream.

I have heard these lines in movies and from people a lot of times. But till you don’t realize their meaning you never understand their intensity. Till you don’t realize what is that one thing for which you feel alive. Till you don’t find that one thing for which you feel driven and for which you feel you have a purpose. Till you don’t realize that dream, that idea of yours, these lines will only be for you to paste on the walls of your room.

A few knows it from a very young age and a few takes times to realize their dream. But what matters the most is that once known, the lines on the top starts revealing their secret meaning. It’s the time when you start acting on these lines. Earlier you couldn’t wake up at 4am. You tried waking up but hitting the snooze button became your habit. You didn’t realize the importance of your dream. You wanted to wake up at 4am but you didn’t want it badly. But once the dream becomes clearer, the sense of your purpose starts growing within you. Now if you hit the snooze, it will be a day you lost, a day you missed the choice of manifesting your dream into reality. As the dream grows clearer, this realization will create a necessary push inside you. Now waking up at 4am will not be something you want, but something you want badly.

When you realize what you want, why you want to live then don’t waste time. It’s like waking up from a long slumber. Every passing moment is the moment to be lived for your dream. Separate yourself from all the drama and start living your dream. Stay Happy 🙂


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