Struggles- The second chance at life!

As the days are passing, the challenge taken takes a bigger shape. It shows it’s different sides and takes a new definition. It doesn’t make me worry. Rather makes the battle more interesting. The tougher the battle, the better it is. We don’t fight big battles everyday in life. There are only few moments in life when one gets lucky enough to fight a challenging battle.

My struggle defines me. It gives me a chance of defining myself, of defining my life. A second chance at life. What if you get a second chance at life? Beware, these chances don’t follow an easy life. They bring with them the silence of a raging storm, that would follow once you accept the challenge.

The best thing I like about battles( I like calling struggle as battle) is that they make you grow the insight, the wisdom, that no one could have given you. The books you have read, the knowledge you have accumulated till now are changed into wisdom. Battles of life makes life worth living than mere surviving.

You have accepted the challenge,imagesYou are fighting your battle,
It will get tough,
It will get rough,
But you keep fighting,
Coz, if you give up today,
You go back to digging your grave.

But if you determined,
Then what drive you to fight,
Is the fact that you can tell the world,
That you lived before you died.

Keep fighting and don’t give up:)


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