Challenge Accepted- Balanced Mind!

The secret to a happy and balanced life is to have a balanced mind. A mind that acts is a gift and a mind that reacts is a curse. When unpleasant things happen in life our mind reacts. It gets sad, angry and even hurt. But when pleasant things happen then our mind again reacts. It gets exuberant and even starts feeling lucky. If seen from a broader perspective, mind and its reactions similar to a sine wave. Like a sine wave it goes through several ups and down.

Some call this life, but I call this as ‘slavery’. The slavery of an imbalanced mind and it’s reactions to everything.breakfree

When I started writing this blog (Sept-Oct, 2013), I had started practicing Vipassana – the technique of balancing the mind. As I grew in it, I became happy. The problems of life got weaker. The people or things creating problems did not change. But it was my mind that stopped reacting to them. Reacting to a situation never makes it better. It rather worsen it and our state of mind.  As I practiced Vipassana everyday, with dedication, my life became brighter as my mind became lighter. I understood the power of a balanced mind and it’s impact in my life. A balanced mind stops you from reacting. It rather makes you respond to a situation wisely.

Till 6 months I practiced Vipassana properly. Lot of changes came in life during these 6 months. With changes, problems accompanied but life was good as I had learnt how to respond to things than reacting. Though I wouldn’t say that I stopped reacting and my mind was completely balanced. There were times when I lost temper, when I got sad, when things affected me. But their occurrences, their span and their intensity were comparatively less. This I used to call as the ‘New me’. I was more aware of myself.  The old me was in the past.

But the recent twist in my life has given rise to a major challenge. The major challenge is to keep my mind balanced. Luckily, I know the technique to balance my mind. But unluckily, I have stopped practicing it with dedication and grown lazy. My aim of writing this blog is to share my new challenges (I won’t call them problems) with you and the way I’m going to complete them. 🙂 coz I will complete them!

As I walk on the road to make the mind balanced, I will keep sharing my experiences in this new series of “The Challenge- Balanced Mind”.

Stay Happy 🙂

challenge accepted


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