Living the journey to destination..!

Life is a greatest gift to a human. We take birth and with every breath we start on this exciting journey of life. The journey is from life to death. But what is the fun of reaching the destination when we haven’t lived the journey.

Being happy throughout the journey!

What do we mean by living the journey? Well, for me it is being happy throughout the journey. I have heard people saying and even myself saying that when I will get what I am struggling for, then I will be really happy. When I will get the gold medal, I will be happy. Doesn’t this happen with you too? We let our destinations define our happiness and ignore the impact of our journey.

Most of the cases we can equate journey with struggle. It is my struggling time, till I reach my goal. Let me ask you a question. How do you picture your struggle? Do you picture the words hard-work, tolerance, endurance, being motivated, focussed and painful? Most of us do picture these words when we hear the word struggle.

Struggles define our journey. They have the power to make us as well as break us. If our destination overshadows our journey, it may be time to revise our struggle. Ultimately we all want to be happy. But if we let that gold medal define our happiness then technically there are two ways. You may win the gold medal and become happy or you may not. But in reality of life, there is only one way. You win or lose the gold medal, that doesn’t matter. If our struggle is solely based on an object as our destination, so does our happiness. Even if you win, you will be happy but for how long? How long can you celebrate your victory? If you don’t then sadness is waiting.

My point is that don’t let your destination define your happiness. Let your journey/struggle define your happiness. What’s the fun of reaching the destination if you haven’t enjoyed the journey?

Keep smiling. 🙂


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