Seeing through my eyes..!

The time when we try to find our self. When we try to see through our eyes, so that we can find our lost souls.
Life is mystery. We don’t know whether the next moment is for us to see or not. There is never much left for us to decide. As karma rules, so we follow.


I believe that we can break this chain.We can break-free from the bonds of our own deeds. As a human we can always hope to grow ourselves into the ones we want to see in the mirror every morning. What it requires is understanding what is hurting. Trying honestly to grow from our mistakes and regrets.

Thinking has it’s toll. When we keep on thinking, the body grows tense, the muscles contract and heart beats stronger. It feels like fire burning the dark areas. The darkest places inside us which do not let the mind and body work together. The fire melts the walls making the mind and body ready to cooperate.

But when it’s time to act, the loss of energy is what comes in way. Over-thinking took it’s toll. Life have to move on. It can’t stop. It cannot become stagnant. Life is driven by the karmas and it will keep moving. The counts of the breath will prove it’s motion. Life will keep moving. We will get older and perishable.

We can’t stop and we must not stop. As the breaths are being taken, so the decision to live this life. Life is unpredictable. This moment may turn to be the last one, who knows! All we have is this moment. This moment is a life which is not a mystery as it is not in future. The present is clear and so do the actions of the present.
If only the actions of the present are clear, miracles will follow. Chains will be broken. Deeds will be created.
If karma will catch hold of you then it will treat you good as you don’t live in ‘what if’ anymore.

Stay good,keep smiling 🙂


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