Living Life..!

Not everyone understands your

Be Brave enough to Live

struggle. People mostly are judgemental. I have learnt this from my past experiences that it is best to keep quite on the decisions you have made. It is important to be secretive. I am not saying this because I don’t want others to know where I stand. But when the words are out, they start getting affected by people’s judgement.
We fight our battles. We go through hardships. Sometimes, we see ourselves with support of our friends and family but sooner or later we realize that it is our battle and not theirs. It is the belief in oneself that remains till the end of the journey.

Love yourself and be silent as much as possible. Stop hating and with love start struggling. Life is not worth living if everything in life is easy to get. It becomes worth living when it puts you through hardships. It’s our choice, how we want to live. If life seems to be stuck and you feel like losing your purpose of being here then take a risk. At the end it’s all about your priorities. You want to live or you want to survive. It’s your choice and you are responsible for it.

For me the theory is, “Live in the materialistic pleasure and get caged in the cycle of life and death. Or live with the hardships, enhance yourself and get one step more closer to  freedom.” The taste of success which is attained through hardships is unbeatable to any other success. Don’t think of people, they are nothing but the reflection of their way of looking at life. Believe in your way and learn from the struggles.  Look into yourself and the fire of your soul will lighten your path to success.

Be brave, be awake!
Keep smiling 🙂


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