My diary..!

From student life my life has turned to professional life. My studious student life consisted of questions like what to do next in life, what is my aim in life, which profession to take? Now in my professional life, these questions still remain the same. What do I want to do in life?

These days I am struggling to live my life. In my workplace I see most of the people mere surviving as they got stuck in their profession. I on the other hand do not want this. I do not want to stuck in life. Instead of surviving I want to live my life.

calm mind

Recently, I was asked this question that where I see myself in 40 years. As I put my mind to it, all I could see my life as blank. I tried hard, at least one thing will pop up but everything was blank. Then I was asked, what is that one thing that I could do throughout my life and will never get bored of it. I was blank again. I love programming. I like learning new things in it and applying it. I lose track of time when I am coding. I get too engrossed in it, that I could work without taking breaks. But when this question was put about that one thing I will never leave, coding didn’t show up. If this didn’t then what. I like photography. I like writing, singing, composing songs but still they don’t take the first place. I thought coding would but even it didn’t. I am left with no other option. I seems to me that I am back to my student life where we decide what is our aim.

I don’t know what I want to do in life. I don’t know where I want to be in 40 or even 5 years. But all I know is one thing that no matter what I may be doing, wherever I may be, but if I am happy, at peace  then I have no issue. To ambitious people, it might seem like a philosophy but to me it is reality.  I want to live my life by  being happy.


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