A Perfect Goodbye to my old lady

grandmotherHave you ever said goodbye to someone? Have that goodbye ended up to be your last goodbye to them?

Life is unpredictable and death is certain. Since from our birth we are running towards our death and so are the others around us. I have never been good at saying last goodbyes to my closed ones who died. There has always been a glitch in my heart about it.
My grandmother died yesterday and when I heard this news , after a moment of shock  my last memory with her came into picture. She is the only one to whom I gave a perfect goodbye which I could have never given to any other person.

The day before coming to Hyderabad for my new job, I said my last goodbye to her.  I gave her everything she needed for a perfect last goodbye.  I was not much emotionally close to my granny the way I was with my maternal grandmother. Except from the usual talks about, how your are, there was nothing much I talked. Before leaving my hometown, I got the privilege to talk with her on an entirely different area of her life. That time I felt that I had a purpose in her life. I felt connected with her.

It was 4th Jan, 2014, when my whole big family had gone for an outing. I decided to stay back at home with granny as I wanted to be at home. On that evening, I was reading a book containing the lectures of Vivekanand. He was the man who made Indians realized that midst of all the westernization, India is the land of spirituality, and the role of India in this materialistic world is to keep spirituality alive. My granny was sitting next to me, reading newspaper. Like I mentioned that we never had much to talk about so it was very quite.  As I was reading the book, I got very inspired by Vivekanand’s lectures. I felt like sharing it with my granny and I started talking to her on the subject of Dharma and Karma.

Most people I find either do not understand spirituality or are not interested in it. But when I started talking with my granny about it I felt myself connecting with her on the spiritual aspect of life. On that evening, we talked so much about it. I gave her the whole knowledge I had on Dharma and Karma. There was a moment when I was describing her how the Karma works and I could see the tears in her eyes. She was really listening to me and we were connected. That day I felt that I had a purpose in her life.

In my last goodbye also, my parting words were  of Dharma and Karma. Luckily, that day also, only she and I were alone at home and I could again connect with her spiritually. She is my old lady to whom I said a perfect goodbye. RIP Dadi  :’)


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