What if things don’t matter?

What if things don’t matter?Things don't matter- be happy
What if I slip in front of an audience,
With them I too start laughing.
What if my ego never gets hurt?
Will I become oblivious or will I become happy?
What if things don’t matter?

Have your ego ever made you sit back in shame, anger and hatred? If yes, then me and you are in the same boat. If people talk rudely to us we get angry. How dare they talk rudely to us. Within a second of that incident, we create a negative image of them in our mind. Every time when we see them we will recall the unpleasant incident and curse them in our mind. If we are good at faking smiles then we might give them a smile like everything is okay, we have forgotten that incident but inside it will always be hatred, an unpleasantness for them.

The pain of a damaged ego is more worse than any physical pain. It makes us suffer with every thought of that unpleasant, ego damaging incident. When I joined my new firm, I met with the same incident. During our coffee break in the office, I was trying to take the coffee from the coffee machine. Ideally, we are supposed to stand in a queue but my friends skipped the queue and started taking coffee. When I saw my friends taking coffee, I joined them. When my turn came, an associate of my batch started scolding me. She was angry because she was in a queue and because of us she was not getting the chance to take coffee. She kept patience when my friends were taking coffee but when my turn came she burst with anger. Whatever she said to me was rude and that was my first experience at the coffee machine in my office.

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