Self Learning- Blessing in disguise

my light

It’s been 3 weeks in Hyderabad. Till now the journey is smooth with few ups and down in the emotional front. There are so many things to learn, so many opportunities. After a long 4 years of engineering, where mostly I was encouraged to memorize things, I finally have a job where I am encouraged to use my rusty brain. I am undergoing my training period where like teachers I have facilitators. They teach new things which will come handy in life and will enhance my career growth. I have assignments to work on and they are not that easy to work. In these three weeks I have found that there are two ways to complete a work. There is a simple way and there is a better way.

The simple way is less demanding. It requires less hardwork and less time. But the better way makes the task more effective. It is more challenging and requires brain to function more than we think it can function. Lot of self learning is required if I want to make a better application.

In these 3 weeks, I worked on two coding assignments, working with a language I never studied called Unix and thanks to internet that I could implement my ideas by studying the tools Unix offers.
This week I am making another application using C++ and file handling. I don’t know much about file handling so this week I will be spending most of my time in front of internet. Self learning is great but what it demands is lot of smartwork, hardwork, patience. Asking someone for the solution seems more easy than finding it yourself.In office when we have a practical lab, my associates approach me for a coding solution. I never give them the solution. It has nothing to do with being arrogant or selfish. It is for their own good. They might realize it someday, if they will carry on with this profession. I don’t believe in spoon feeding. I always encourage them to think and make errors. Sometimes they frown but at last when they come up with their own solution they feel confident.
This is how confident is developed. When you start thinking, you start making errors and then you start generating solutions. This is the whole concept of self learning. The more one is dependent on self learning, the more he/she grows in his/her field as well as in his/her personality.

In the end, I would like to quote:
“No one can stop the success of a person whose knowledge is not limited by other’s knowledge.”


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