Thanks to Writing..!

It is the 3rd week of my new job and things are going pretty smooth. I took a daignostic and without any tension, it went pretty good. The friends I’ve around me are good and helping. They make me laugh and happy.To sum up, everything is stable including me. I mostly remained calm and composed in pleasant and unpleasant situations.
But last night I had a moment of instability. There was an unpleasant situation and I couldnot keep my mind balanced. I was anxious, my brain had started working much faster to solve the problem. Like the old times, I was not able to sleep till I had solved the problem. I knew that the problem has made my mind unbalanced and becoming anxious won’t help. But it was tough to calm the anxious mind. After half an hour when the solution of the problem was found I was able to sleep.
Today morning, I had a bad taste in my mouth. The unbalanced state of mind had left it’s effect. To feel good, I did Vipassana meditation. In this I calm my mind and objectively observe the sensations arising on the body. It is helpful in balancing the mind. But during this my mind kept wandering, reminding me of the last night. I could not meditate properly and still felt the bad taste in my mouth.
Finally to I took shelter in writing. After writing this article I feel much better. The bad taste of my unstable mind is finally reduced. I am happy now 😀 . You too stay happy. 😀

Balanced Mind


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