Professional life..!

professional world

In a new city with new people life has taken a new turn. I’ts been a week since my work life or what I should say,  my corporate life has started. Life has various aspects like personal, spiritual, professional etc. To live life and not mere surviving it, one need to enhance himself/herself in these aspects of life. With a proper balance among these aspects of life and proper enhancement in these aspects, life becomes worth living.

My life has taken a new turn this year and with my professional life coming into play, there is a need for enhancing this professional aspect. I am a TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) employee and right now I am undergoing training which will transform me professionally. Till now training is going fine but when it comes to managing time it becomes hectic. There is a vast difference between college life and corporate life. It’s been 4 days here in TCS and people here give lot of importance to punctuality. Between every session I get 15 minutes break and during these 15 minutes I have to go from 7th floor to ground floor and run to cafeteria, order sandwich and juice, eat them and then again rush to the 7th floor.

Midst of all this though I am able to be punctual but somewhere I feel that I am losing touch with present. While eating I am in such a hurry to make it in time, that I don’t have time to taste my food. I eat just for filling up my stomach and gaining vitamins, proteins, calories required for body to stay well. I have decided for now that I will eat properly. It won’t mean that I will take as long as it takes to eat but even in 5 minutes if I am finishing my food then every second of those 5 minutes I should be aware of it.

In the end I will make sure that during this professional transformation I keep myself rooted with the basic responsibilities that I have towards myself which is to be happy. I will make sure that I enjoy and appreciate every moment of it. Professional life is hectic and people don’t have much time but here in my office I have seen few people who have reached heights but have not lost themselves in time rather have grown with it. They inspire me and assures me that if I stay aware of my present I will not lose my self in time but will grow with it. On this note I say goodbye, not knowing when I will be able to write again. Till then goodbye and stay happy. 🙂


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